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  1. Seen this on facebook so i thought id post it
  2. I had a black dog years ago said to be from the man .. he was one of the best ive had and i aint had much luck with terriers at all .. they deffo the sort i like strong bully look
  3. Hi all i was told a while back Brian wasnt to well and was t living at his home anymore and all dogs had been givin to lads he knew .. i had a terrier off him 3 year or so ago and was at his home with him having a good old chat .. was wondeing if anyone knows how he is getting on and if anyone as kept his stuff going .. my terrier off him died and he was a lovley little thing from Parson and asbo i think her name was .. yea was just wondering if anyone is still in contact with him
  4. Friend of mine has one forsale to run upto a 45lb dog £300 Birmingham
  5. surely someone has to know him ?
  6. is there anyone who has a contact for kevo off here ive tried messaging etc i cant get through ?
  7. im mking my own but getting parts is a joke
  8. Hi all nit sure im in the right section but would anyone have any sedaline gel for a horse im after a couple tubes ?
  9. Slatmill wanted non of the new over priced stuff good old mill cash waiting
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