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  1. woottonsheart

    Slat mills

    Friend of mine has one forsale to run upto a 45lb dog £300 Birmingham
  2. woottonsheart

    FAO member KevO

    surely someone has to know him ?
  3. woottonsheart

    Carpet Mill/slat Mill

    kevo you still at these ?
  4. woottonsheart

    FAO member KevO

    is there anyone who has a contact for kevo off here ive tried messaging etc i cant get through ?
  5. woottonsheart


    im mking my own but getting parts is a joke
  6. Hi all nit sure im in the right section but would anyone have any sedaline gel for a horse im after a couple tubes ?
  7. woottonsheart

    Slatmill Wanted

    Slatmill wanted non of the new over priced stuff good old mill cash waiting
  8. woottonsheart

    Genuine Person for a pup

    Due to surgery i cannot commit to going out digging all the time .. also due to the lack of persmission is another .. i do have certian things in place that hold game and incan get to them but why its around the yard theres a lot of rats passing through .. its an honest enough post and i understand peoples reasons but i dont want a free dog my money is there
  9. woottonsheart

    Brian Nuttall Contact

    Your gear is nice aswell i never see anythin if yours advertised .. seen one worked few year ago was mento be off you terrific looking animal and his graft was unmatched that day out if 4 dogs
  10. woottonsheart

    Brian Nuttall Contact

    been told a bloke has brians terriers and a litter there wants 500 a black dog 600 choc coloured
  11. any genuine folk got a patterdale pup strong sort parents doing there jobs ?
  12. woottonsheart

    Strong sort terrier

    Who would be good to buy a strong type patterdale pup off ? Want one for around my yard im not bothered about it making an earth dog just want the strong looking sort TIA
  13. woottonsheart

    Brian Nuttall Contact

    Terrible news
  14. woottonsheart

    Brian Nuttall Contact

    HOpe he not been took bad again
  15. woottonsheart

    Brian Nuttall Contact

    anyone have an upto date contact number for Brian the one i used to get him up untill last year doesnt work anymore ?