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  1. fourtrak73

    4th trip this week for the little dogs

    good clip trev
  2. fourtrak73

    Spaniel X Running Dog

    Haven't seen it this season but had some good fun with it last season day and night
  3. fourtrak73

    Collie/Grey x Whippet

    Starting to feel a lot better with myself getting the dogs fit Pearls been out of season a fortnight, good all rounders, cannot beat collie x in my opinion atb Fourtrak
  4. fourtrak73

    Todays Hunt

    Pointer came up for a quick flight today, only managed one kill but had some excellent flights
  5. fourtrak73

    Brack And Pearl 2017

    They can certainly fill a pot, rabbit pie and stew made today thanks to Brack
  6. fourtrak73

    Brack And Pearl 2017

    Mostly collie whippet greyhound pot lickers
  7. fourtrak73

    Brack And Pearl 2017

    any night you want lads more than welcome plenty about went out for an hour the other night run seven killed seven ran two killed two
  8. fourtrak73

    Brack And Pearl 2017

    cheers lads come up one night katchum for a bit lamp
  9. fourtrak73

    Brack And Pearl 2017

    Pearl just come out of season but working really well, Brack doing really well especially on the lamp, only been getting out a couple of times a week but hopefully get out more atb Fourtrak
  10. fourtrak73

    Lurcher Photos..

    like that 2nd pic dog and man. i like those type pics, i got one with my old dog Bryn, I know what you mean pal I like a natural photo myself
  11. fourtrak73

    Lurcher Dog

    Sold gone to a good home to a thl member
  12. fourtrak73

    Lurcher Dog

    roughly 25 tts
  13. fourtrak73

    Lurcher Dog

  14. fourtrak73

    Lurcher Dog