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  1. You can always load fmjs backwards so pointy bit is in the case
  2. Maybe we could use depleted uranium that'd be safer huh
  3. Knew them crows had it in for us can't educate shit huh
  4. Ain't that the point
  5. We haven't mate! He's made choices, he will explain them as and when he see's fit. It's nothing personal.
  6. He's all good, spoke this morning
  7. I've never come across anyone that can catch a .308 lump o lead @ 3000+fps yet
  8. Yeah I'm sure he's grand, was busy at work last I heard, I'll message him tomorrow see if he's OK and report back, if he don't beat me too it
  9. I'm wondering what 400 year old shark tastes like
  10. There's shit loads of lead on the church roofs here, praise be Allah
  11. What a crock of shit! Bet they won't increase the price they buy but sure as hell will the price they sell
  12. Must be daft, I'd have taken your arm an leg ffs
  13. Ready steady cook, Ainsley Harriet hosted it
  14. Factory ship I worked is UK registered, fishes barents Sea and lands 600+ tonnes of cod in Norway every 5 - 7 days, and its still running!
  15. And I thought the best way of getting moles was to sit on a Swivel chair with a torch strapped to your ss
  16. I have some cracking photos going back to victorian times of my ancestors, a relation did our family tree back to 1652, very interesting showing to grandkids. Some census data showing they were all farm hands, labourers and Hackney carridgers. I love going through it all.
  17. They Shall Not Grow Old (2018) - IMDb WWW.IMDB.COM Directed by Peter Jackson. With Thomas Adlam, William Argent, John Ashby, Attwood. A documentary about World War I with... That's the one
  18. And even over a hundred years ago you'd get folk acting up as soon as the camera comes out they were a curio then though, see them watching the bloke cranking the handle. The tech now to colourise, upscale and stabalise is impressive. I watched that first world war one last year, poignant to say the least.
  19. CCI HP subs in mine all day long, depends what your rifle likes
  20. Don't want to ruin the good vibe, but not sure what whales they mean, we have orca here and a guy has been doing a thriving business for years doing whale watching tours. The world's biggest population of humpback whale are in the Atlantic
  21. The bars I had in Nederlands during the 80's we stocked a "Satan" and "Lucifer" ale 13% and 11% respectivly, both were black like treacle and was bloody lovely. I personaly drink 9%+ so I don't have to keep going for a piss - same effect
  22. Is there a thing as a "covid passport" ? Not in the UK I have heard of? When we goto south America etc we have to have yellow fever, mine has never been checked yet, in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Cuba (did I mention how ace Cuba is?) Surinam, carribean etc. We choose to have mallaria typhoid rabies etc How are they going to enforce this, there are actually no passports issued yet for covid???
  23. What can I say, I'm bloody gullable
  24. Me and the wife have had both jabs, but in Scotland there are no plans for covid passports! I conclude this maybe another spin for GP's to earn money, infact anybody who issues it to earn money?
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