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  1. Pig flies high in popularity WWW.WELOVESTORNOWAY.COM We love Stornoway There was a massive boar when I was at the abattoir recently an he said only way they had to kill it was to get the shotgun out!
  2. The mind boggles what your browser history must be like
  3. I have some horrid images in my head now that can't be deleted
  4. I like the pvc tube idea, 4 x T's 2 x elbows a couple on bungees and your good to go, don't glue em and they pull apart at bottom T's for flat storage, sometimes a simple idea is bloody marvellous
  5. This is good, it surely should be pinned at front of this thread, I missed it before!
  6. Actually judging by stocks, I like most .308
  7. Thanks, doesn't cover Scotland though, might have lied a little there But yeah a bit generic twenty question yes, no, don't know, can't see how it's of any use to be honest?
  8. If you get it right, most definitely, thats what its all about, consistency
  9. I like both, they both serve a purpose in they're own right. If I could only take one out for bugs though, it'd be the hmr just for the extra distance. If I'm out with the .308 I take the lr as a side.
  10. Henry Kranks if your close, I get all the stuff I can delivered as I'm 800 mile away though. Only powder and primers they won't post.
  11. It's all to do with sonic wave lengths
  12. I say it tongue in cheek, pedantic, as most of the guys and mates from SAS, SBS, back then are gone now, so ...........
  13. I got mine back in the 80's, not much ado, I was part of the SBS that first landed and took back Port Stanley. Whats yours worth? Seems like she hands them out for fun nah!
  14. That'll do then, never called on anything and they do bugger all for us anyway, so cheapest wins I've not had a rag off SACS in years too anyway.
  15. But then the other folk are still nearly half the price
  16. How? What? Why? Where? When? I did hear about that when foxgun tom was about but never followed it up!
  17. Been with SACS for years, renewal price for me now is £40, but Gun Plan are doing same sort of cover for £18.99, anyone used or heard of this crew before, seems cheap and I don't wanna get stung!
  18. You can always load fmjs backwards so pointy bit is in the case
  19. Maybe we could use depleted uranium that'd be safer huh
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