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  1. Some good aerial shots of up here, na a bad tune too
  2. Gav


    Call them Tom O Tick here, great for the kids an animals, small ones for nymphs big one for adults, £4 at our vet.
  3. Ask away! I've done a few hundred but my forte was addressable fire alarms, if I can help I will.
  4. They class ammo/powder as explosive so want access to your car keys that's carrying it in case of fire or keep it in their safe aboard. I never tell them anything anyways so never been through the procedure, but then again I'm not going outside the UK and know a lot of the crew and staff.
  5. (b) Additionally, Passengers and other Owners are advised that fi rearms (which, of these Conditions) will require to have a licence exhibited in respect of them to the master of a Vessel and will also require to be deposited with the master of a Vessel at the commencement of a voyage, such fi rearms to be returned at the end of such voyage to the relevant Passenger or other Owner. The Company will not ship unlicensed fi rearms.
  6. I don't know if it's the same as the ferries here but, your supposed to declare guns and ammintion at the port, they can then decide what to do with them, separate safe storage or crew hold your keys. I think every ferry company has their own rules, so best checking direct. They can refuse travel here if undeclared, but I never have, and how would they know if you don't declare?
  7. I got one of these nearly three years ago, still going strong and I would still recommend it. Handy having the 8m leads and 100% DC up to 160A, built in Germany good bit of kit, I only paid £137 so must be inflation now at £180, still worth the money though.
  8. Gav

    Check this out

    Watched on the news earlier, great idea for stabilising patients and giving information to crews that can take a lot longer to reach critical patients, he's a trained paramedic with lifesaving kit in his back pack, not like the French twat that developed the jet pack to fly the Channel
  9. That one was on Lewis
  10. Loving the ammo bag you got to match too
  11. I power wash mine after every outing, then a good dip in turtle wax
  12. Yeah I've been thinking about it for a while, just need to go blast all my ammo off first, hate to see it goto waste huh
  13. As WILF says "hunting what" that is the question, the answer will indicate what firearm best suits your purpose!!
  14. Think I need a new rifle thinking of swapping my HMR out for a 22 hornet for the geese Just a shame my get up and go got up and left me twenty years ago, time for inspiration again
  15. We call them immigrants here!
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4xZUr0BEfE&pbjreload=101 Canny beat some Mongolian metal.
  17. I use Strelok Pro along with my chrono on tablet, its a cracking app once you've got it all set up right, barrel length twist rate velocity etc etc. He's bang on with help to, replies to emails within 24 hours, good ole Boris. I use a bendy straw on a bamboo kebab stick as a wind vane and an anenometer too, but even with all the setup it helps, but nothing beats good old practice for long range, just wish I had some chance to get out, winters coming yippee
  18. Make nice burgers with a bit of good pork fat, thousands of grey lags and canadas here
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