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    My local barn owls

    Brilliant, thanks for sharing
  2. Gav

    Rabbit problem

    I'm 58degrees North and doesn't get dark at all here now, I get 50p a tail off the estate, we are absolutely over run with rabbit now since they cleaned up the mink, only predators now are golden Eagle and ferrel cats really. Autumn is a lot better shooting here dawn and dusk. Trouble with all this daylight is they gorge all day, one scent of a hunter/predator they just hole up for hours and have a snooze.
  3. Gav

    Cannabis oil

    That's CBD not THC, it's the THC in oil that's illegal still.
  4. Gav

    Fathers day

    Never celebrated it, never will. Seven of my kids know not to bother, an my old man never got bugger all too. There never was a father's day when I grew up. Just another excuse for card companies to make money!
  5. Gav

    Best part of uk to live

    Love it here where I am, very reluctant to go to the mainland honestly, traffic and people do my heed in!
  6. Gav


    We used to get all sorts of gulls pulled through pulleys and the winch when I was on the trawlers, make a right mess they do. They sit on the cables while you haul, not the brightest of birds
  7. Gav

    Just checking 👀

    And mine. I always ask folk how burnt do you like your chicken, black black or just black
  8. Gav

    Just checking 👀

    That's not a proper bbq, it's not black and Crispy
  9. My old man stopped 60 years but still always said there were times he fancied one, don't think it ever leaves you, but the longer you have stopped the less likely you are to start again! It's like been defeated, only takes one to get back on em. Good luck though whatever path you take.
  10. Champix worked for the wife and a few others I know (friends not wives) ya have to get them from ya quack though, but they seem quite happy to if your serious about quitting. I'm too old to quit now, and the more people tell me I should the more I want to smoke. I'm a grumpy twat with nicotine, would be everyone's worse nightmare if I tried going cold turkey.
  11. Gav

    Scottish Independence - indyref 2

    The EU would take it all so we could be in their gang!
  12. Gav


    That's the same reason I never knew who they were
  13. Is that really a surprise from them, they never report anything that's not in their interest or against their views!
  14. Gav

    Scottish Independence - indyref 2

    Just how can you claim independence and then remain in the EU, honestly that's the only reason they want another referendum, what total and utter pish! SNP is that socialist nazi party?
  15. Gav


    Hey I love Gin and have seven kids so I'm not gay, most of the blokes I sleep with are though
  16. Gav


    Ohhh that number 10 is nice stuff!
  17. Gav

    Scottish Independence - indyref 2

    I voted yes last time but voted out of the EU, so because the goal posts have been changed I'd be a hypocrite if I voted yes again. With the snp putting tax on beer an sugar and anything else we enjoy, I'll not ever give them a vote again! Little Jimmy Krankie just makes me want to blast the TV with a 12g every time I see her.
  18. As it was nice took the .22 out, using cci mini mags got these four around the 60yds mark, all headshots within 15 minutes. As I took the first photo and was about ready to pack up, one of their friends popped it's head out wanting to play, around the 40yds mark, I was happy to oblige. The difference in damage at 20yds difference is explosive.
  19. Gav


    That's the trouble with them pesky things, they breed like rabbits
  20. Gav

    A salt rifel

    Wonder how long it's going to take for em to ban them or charge for a license? Wait till the antis hear about the devastation we're inflicting on poor flies
  21. Gav

    Few pics

    Couldn't get near it when I went back with a chainsaw, they took my bloody rope too pah bumhug!
  22. Gav


    26c here on Lewis, never known it so hot and way too hot for me, 16c is about my melting point
  23. Gav

    Few pics

    I went to the beach at the weekend too as it was so nice, two mins after this was taken, some random tourist walked past, how dare they invade my wee beach
  24. Gav

    Few pics

    I had this tied up and was going to take the skull, but the damn HSE had it towed to deep water by the fishery protection vessel because of complaints pfffffft. Now that would have made a good specimen, didn't half pong though.
  25. Gav

    Few pics

    Not that impressive tbh