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  1. Wow! T, b, h, I read your post of it, I think u put it on this forum? ? I knew you could 'tether' bop, an the pro's weigh out the cons, providing bird not manned and its a 'eyass' I think that's young bird taken from the nest, an knows nothing (t, b, h my skin bird(Mrs) was a bit like that, bungalow (not alot upstairs, ? lol, I haven't got any ferrets, but if it can happen to me it will (I'm on my 10th life, above a cat now) I've made sure Moby(bop) can't bate into walks, or mesh, an it's not too high off the floor (as I said before he be swinging like pendlemum) it's going coolio atm, feeding
  2. Thanks for the info bud,Ive also got told, when he sits on the Glove, squeeze his toe abit,with a titbit there, he look down and he will guess that's what he has to do? I'm looking forward to when he will be Manned, how long should it take? I know every bird different, but roughly, that will indicate if I'm doing it correctly or wrong? Keep smiling onwards and upwards happy hunting!
  3. Hi, yeah Moby got his furniture on, thank god I asked, the falconer breeds peregrine falcons and exports too dubai, his daughter fly just as hobby, I think,there always at the end of the dog and bone, keep smiling onwards and upwards
  4. Good evening, Thanks so much for your knowledge, Moby is tethered, I picked him up from a falconer who breeds peregrine falcons, an export to Dubai, he put furniture on him(good job I asked) his daughter flys goshawks, I've had him 3wks he 20wks now, I'll do the Glove trick, thanks for the info bud, keep smiling onwards and upwards ?
  5. I've taken the plunge,,, I got my Moby(male h/h) I got him from a conrad falconer, he export peregrine falcons to Dubai, he put the furniture on for me, t, b, h, he looks like he got abit of peregrine in him, he 20wks,ive free lofted him, fed him through the shoot, he coming along coolio ?,
  6. Hi mate, thanks for the reply, yeah it's first time I've had 17week old h/h, but I've had a female h/h, she was 2yr old, got aggressive and footy, I think she wanted too breed, I have falconer too put furniture on the bird, she very experienced, flys goshawks.ill take your advice I'll tether him,,,,, so I don't feed him until he is on the Glove? ? ?
  7. Hi everyone, I'm getting a male Harris hawk, he 16wks old, I don't know weather too tether him or free loft, whilst I'm "manning" him? Thanks for the reading and advice! Onwards and upwards ?
  8. KEZ'77'

    New Project

    Wow! Cracking bird, is it male? I see you got ferrets great combo! ?
  9. Hi, Thanks for the info bud, it's parent reared, it's male h/h, (sorry for the confusion in post, had too much of "cheese", the green one!) I've had a female h/h, she was 3yr,fabulous bird, I got her off a pest controler, I got her home, she settled well,(he spent a lot of time with her, I think she missed him?) She hated dogs with a passion (t.b.h.i think the owner was scared of dogs too, haha) I re homed her, she got footy, aggressive, (I think she wanted too breed?)she was called "Lunar" turned out to be a fxxking Lunatic! Lol,should I "tether" him first of all? ? Shall I drop his weight as
  10. Hi peeps, I'm buying a harris hawk (male) he been parent reared, then crèche reared (with bro and sisters) will he be difficult too Mann? Had no contact with humans yet! Will he scream for food, when his weights dropped? Thanks for reading, an for advice! ?
  11. KEZ'77'

    New Project

    Hi mate, well what great bird you have, happy hunting,
  12. Hi Thank you for the info ? she is free lofted, an in seculusion mews, she has been "manned" by someone else) my mentor,that's exactly what he told me to do, I'm just bit keen, thats all, I have quarry down the road waiting for her(bit like showing yr Mrs "good shops" you anserw Ed my other question as well "should I teather her?," want to know "pros and cons, the h/h I have has caught" fur and feather, she spent alot of time with her owner, she quiet as a mouse now,,,,this is my first B. O. P, keep smiling onwards and upwards ?
  13. Hi I'm just wondering safest way too drop b.o.p weight? I've finally got my own bird, I've manned her,she going too be cracking bird, thanks for reading this, keep smiling onwards and upwards people
  14. Hi peeps,how's it going? All coolio?I have my first bop,an she bomb proof, in general, I have some ground too "exercise" lol my bird(Lunar) on, but better in the dark,I'm new to falconry, but how do I train her too "lamping hunting" I'm so glad got a bigger bird than KEZ,,, keep smiling onwards and upwards, thanks for reading,,,
  15. Hi Trout slayer, top man for info, yeah one of my favourite saying is,,,,, 3reasons why not? It's financially correct, I'll gain new skills, an alot of knowledge,,,,, an as we kna knowledge is powerful my friend!I think they are Pr, is parent reared better than imprint? They ready too fly the nest, lol, 4wks so I got bit of time too get ready. The breeder lives close to me too, I had ? idea ask him if I buy chick, would he mentor me???? Two ways to skin a cat! Have pleasant day keeping smiling onwards and upwards!
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