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  1. Yeah you got an epic dad,maybe go into it as career?
  2. how easy is it to mann a sparrow hawk?thanks for relying!
  3. cheers bud have u got a hh?what do you hunt with?ive hunted with ferrets n pole cats,great laugh,we netted a 100 hole warren,rabbitts were bolting like bingo balls!it was when i was teenager,an want too pick an interest up instead off listening too pub dribble!An remember the flim KEZ,!when i was younger i learnt 'hunting groups keep their knowledge too their chest,little bit sparkying lol!i think i wont struggle for land or quarry too get,just keeping the mews an couple of cages for the ole pole cats{stinky barstoods,but great hunters}do u think i should do a course or read up?getting a mento
  4. ah got it!!!been on the gardenning work!coolio neil
  5. cheers bud where do u live?
  6. hi My name Neil an intend on buying a harris hawk to hunt with,an looking for some ground too hunt on,if you have any pests/vermin on your land,in live in oxford,could travel,but not too far!many thanks speak soon!
  7. hi ive done all sorts of hunting,but very intrested in hawking,i live in oxord is there anybody near by so i can get some hands on experience???
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