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  1. baz

    Parker vs Joshua

    Have you seen parkers last 2 fights???. Unless he's changed something I can't see him lasting 2 minutes.aj isn't going to run round the ring backwards like that numpty fury did..
  2. baz

    struggling to keep weight on my springer spaniel

    Get it on some good meat, plenty of beef and lamb trimmings, soon have it in good order
  3. baz

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    And them judges need testing for crack...how they had it as close as that is a joke
  4. baz

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    I'm glad of the result, really dislike the Eubanks attitude... He got made to look average in a non to spectacular fight... He would of been ko if groves had more a killer instinct... Had that been Eubanks v froch... He'd be in a bad way now.
  5. baz

    Happy Australia Day

    My mate left for there this morning.. 12 month of fun ahead of him
  6. baz

    A few more pics

    Yep , great pics. Love the way cameras nowadays catch the moment perfect. Years ago a dog striking a rabbit would be a blur ... Now look at them, the rough lurcher about to grab bunny is class
  7. baz

    An afternoon bolting

    Love that pic of dog and rabbit somersault
  8. baz

    Goals for 2018

    My goals achievable, less work.... More fun.
  9. baz

    10g recipe

    No worries, I have other data for different powders , wads etc, let me know if you need any. More than happy to share
  10. baz

    10g recipe

    Hia mate, I use a remmy case, 42grn alliant steel, fed209 , sam1 wad ,42grm BBB... This load can go up to 45grn. But I get good patterns at 42
  11. baz

    A few fowl

    Well done on the birds, and that's a good clip. Gods country
  12. If just bought another sbs, a zabala 10 bore. I love them.. I'll never buy another auto.. Not worth the hassle for the extra shot
  13. baz


    No, I skin,gut it.. Then dogs get the whole carcass.
  14. baz


    Now, this is a genuine.. Wish you were closer haha.... My mutts would be eating like kings if I can find them local at that price
  15. baz


    Try looking up an old thread, from years ago tho.. See how many guests are soon looking at same page ...