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  1. Due to ill health I’m packing up for a while , got some good Ferrets , don’t want them to go just anywhere , would rather there used and well looked after , that’s the main thing, genuine site members only , not lurkers , like said good Ferrets , used to sandy deep warrens , chalk hedges, and big ditches , south east ,
  2. Come down here test them in the sand ???? ????????
  3. Wouldn’t mind a couple of jills, vin,0 got a good hob at the mo , but may be tempted on a hob kit ,
  4. I don’t know socks my dog became aggressive to strange dogs that apear out of the blue , and it only got worse , not saying your in for it , he will work with any dog and not bat an eye dog or bitch , won’t even look at another digs rabbit , but a dog apearing uninvited ???? Feckin embarrassment , would of got rid but the kids and wife wouldn’t let, roll on the Feckin thing curling its toes up ,
  5. Don’t think I will be sowing the parsnip seed to early this March ?? excited to , as I got my allotment to to late for a lot of stiluff last year , all ready to go this year ,
  6. Quality , they were years ahead . The kes one is a cracker to ,
  7. Seen a good bit myself ???
  8. Aj wins no bother by the way ,
  9. Let’s hope so , the shat that Eddie hern is pushing out lately , seen better boxing on Dave the other night for free ,
  10. Check out premier seeds direct guys ?? Use them all the time , can’t complain so far
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