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  1. Baz2


    type into the search bar anything you can and look at a topic from 3 years ago.... Within seconds 50 guests will be viewing the same thing
  2. Baz2

    Casper X Wolfie X Ruthi

    I doubt fella, that dog was running in it's prime 10 year ago. If it's still alive it would be very old. It was a very good genuine animal, not a dog that had a reputation built up on lies ,like a lot of the others. . A good well bred, good grafting animal
  3. Baz2

    Pups out of troy

    this was literally just a dog walk, not a "hunting walk"
  4. Baz2

    Pups out of troy

    Went out for a walk few days ago with young jake and Troy, as usual this dog didn't fail to impress, it continues to catch stuff in places that it really shouldn't.. He will take some replacing once retirement age comes
  5. Baz2

    Ding ding, first proper bout😁

    Well done to the young lad, onwards and upwards. Best of luck to him for future bouts
  6. Baz2

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    That fight was painful to watch last night,they spent more time climbing on each other than actually boxing, the lad Joyce fought could take a dig couldn't he!!!!! Need a cricket bat to ko him. Also thought Selby got lucky with that desicion too
  7. Baz2

    Fury v wilder

    I like whyte too, and thought he was progressing as a boxer technically. But chisora had his card marked in that second fight ( bar the obvious ko haha) I'd like to think aj would beat him..but any of them heavyweights connect it could be game over at anytime
  8. Baz2

    High cholesterol?

    recently lost a friend to cholesterol , aged 38. Never kept on top of the medication
  9. Baz2

    Waterfowling advice

    Get under them flighting in or out mate, if you see one bunch run as quick as you can and get under that line, decoys work best if your set up on the place they already want to be on
  10. Baz2

    dug out some old pics

    That first pic kerkby Stephen mate? Love looking at old pics
  11. Baz2


    Yes, round here tide pushes them off roost, and they lift and go for a feed. You need the cloud tho... Or they can be 30 yards above you and you just can't pick them out
  12. Baz2


    Plenty of nice. White cloud and a good pushing tide works for us
  13. Baz2


    Hia folks, I'm after a wigeon in flight mode, either already done or recommendations of someone who could do one, I can supply bird if needed. Any help much appreciated thanks
  14. Baz2

    Selection from my hide

    Top class them pics fella, well done
  15. Nice job, I use a lot of mdf. It's great stuff