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  1. Baz2

    Best part of uk to live

    I quite appreciate where I live, I can be in the North Sea with in 60 seconds, out the front window I see the Isle of Man, out the back I look at the hills of the Lake District, we have no gang culture, towns booming with work.... And no Muslim communities... At all... On the downside the town centre is a shit hole...but on the whole... I'd not move from
  2. Baz2

    Aye yeoman/no3 good with steel?

    Be 3 seasons now at a guess, I have a zabala 10 bore, choked full and full, that gets steel BBB through it. No problems witht that either
  3. Baz2

    Aye yeoman/no3 good with steel?

    I do, I use gamebore super steel #4 through my aya, choked half and full. No problems
  4. Baz2

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    He looks in better shape when he's dressed haha, when you look at how the rest of division come in on fight night compared to him... It certainly not a focused fight as someone already said, I'll not be parting with money to watch it
  5. Baz2

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Yep agree Ppv is out of order, milking the fans for every penny now. Fury is looking in great shape, I'm not a particular fan of his but I can't see him having any problems with anyone up until wilder or Joshua,
  6. Baz2

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    More so whyte v Parker, that guy needs more fights, he's chomping at the bit
  7. Baz2

    Kennel bedding

    Waxed paper bedding, great stuff
  8. Baz2

    Stoats and rabbit

    Top notch
  9. Baz2

    When the shit hits the fan

    Yep and the ones that stand by you, you could count on one hand
  10. Baz2

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    As others have said, Hayes finished... Looked poor last night, and that joe Joyce may be heavy handed but man is he slow... .......that bantam weight bout was a decent performance from the peurto rico lad
  11. Baz2

    Polecat chasing down rabbit

    Top notch work as usual
  12. Baz2

    Dymented rspca auction

    Hia folks, can any of you help ? I can't get into my account, so have had to open a new one , which means I've lost all my messages(inbox) I won one of the auction bids and cant contact the lad who supplied it, does anyone have a link to the list of bids please, ? reason being I payed £120 for a roe Buck stalk, and I've yet to receive said stalk.. The lad who offered the stalk is in my inbox , and since there backs season,thought I'd try and get onto him again, see if it can happen this year... or, is there anyway admin can go into my old account and look at my messages for me,and get the members name please, cheers
  13. So you just use a normal case ? I thought you had to use brass.... If that's the case I'm loading some tomorrow haha, any receipes you can share please? 2 3/4" chamber
  14. do you use these in brass cases? I was just looking into loading some black powder cartridge (first timer) but the cases I find have pistol primers