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  1. Iv seen both troy and misty run, I no longer keep lurcher , but occasionally go for a walk with Jacob, we don't live in a game rich area but these two continue to find things to chase and catch, I would not hesitate to take a pup from these if I was looking for a mutt to run,, once Jacobs freezers are full with game I'm lucky enough to get the over spill, and these two dogs can certainly fill 1. I hope Jacob gets what he wants from this litter,which I guess is a replacement for Troy,but... There going to be tough boots to fill once the old dog retires. As for the picture of misty and the mountain, the lads got loads of scenic pics with the dogs,, that's just a thing he's in to... He,ll of plenty of dead thing pictures to show the lads lucky enough to be getting a pup.
  2. Ryder got robbed there... Definatley deserved the win then
  3. Baz2

    Crow Hawking

    Great thread mate,Top notch , that is one thing I'd love to have the time to do, really is the sport of kings
  4. Yes very good, brilliant little critters
  5. i thought Taylor was lucky to get that, very close but me personally would of give it to other lad on cleaner work..... Also thought Ricky burns should of got he nod, thought he did enough to sneak the win, very close again tho
  6. Them pups look the business, very smart and look well looked after
  7. Haha, that has happened ...more than once too...I try and go to beach as late as possible, less folk on there to distract the mutts
  8. im lucky enough to live on the beach, so my dogs are all free walked, no need for leads..they get quick 15 minute walk before work, and of an evening, could be anything between 1-3hrs, depending How far I can be arsed walking,now that I'm getting them in condition, I'll do more intense stuff , I'll give them 1/2 mile memory retrieves, then few quick short ones, anything really, to get there lungs working, if I do bike work( once dark nights are in) I have them trotting along side bike for an hour
  9. i keep mine in fittish condition through out the summer, beginning of August I start putting more time in, longer walks, bit of running with them, do long memory retrieves on the beach with them, my main one is getting them retrieving dummies out of a fast flowing channel, gets there body working hard even if the temperature are high,
  10. 2 3/4" super steels are plenty for ducks, they will do there job if you do yours
  11. Unbelievable, highly recommend It, I'm lucky enough to have them literally at the end of my street, and there's a fair few about at the minute
  12. I normally break bread up and let it sit on top of water to get them feeding , then use a white fluffy fly, ... I'm not very good at casting fly rod, so flick it as far as I can then let it drift with the bread, and follow behind...
  13. I use an aya yeoman, choked half and full, I use super steel, #3&4.. I also put homeloaded#b through it.... Also have an aya super solway, choked 3/4 in both, that gets the same shells through it, I shoot pretty much everyday of the season, so they had few put through them, barrels are fine.
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    type into the search bar anything you can and look at a topic from 3 years ago.... Within seconds 50 guests will be viewing the same thing
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