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  1. Anybody driving to n Ireland this week from London area pm please
  2. Yes but unusual had a bitch few years back no sign until nearly8weeks then was not that big had 2pups one died very small one lived kept it myself stayed very small showed good signs to start with then threw in the towel after only half a season bitch was getting on in years and she was bred to her son don't know if that was anything to do with it
  3. Will do kind offer general will drop you a pm
  4. You must be near where I am from general I am only 6 mile from Tandragee
  5. General might of been talking to the same lads when I was over home few weeks ago just dogs no guns they take 350 to 400 a season young nephew goes out with them every week boys I had over with me couldn't get over there setup had a bit of ground out the road must of had 50 dogs there mostly lurchers and hounds there having some good sport with hounds cross spaniel doing bogs we are back over in November for a weekend out with them
  6. Still doing some round cambridge can be good craic always good for a run been doing some places up there for over twenty years
  7. Everyone has a cross to bear me I am a lesbian trapped in a man's body lol
  8. Many moons ago seen a 3/4 lake land 1/4 wheaten came up small enough for earth work hard animal size would be a issue mate had Glen very small for breed did very well with her had a couple of litters from her to a lakie I even had a pup from one of the litters they did ok this was a long time ago
  9. Yes lee that's were winnie came from tiny mostly northern Ireland bred but Gorman stuff in there from years ago
  10. Was just outside lurgan last weekend and seen 3wheatens penned up at one man's place haven't seen any for ages then 3 come along together the English lads that were over with me had never seen them before and we're impressed
  11. Good show digging company was good craic got home 6.00am this morning still recovering brought some boys over with me they're already planning next year
  12. That's the bird house used to get in there sunday mornings dammed with birds all round the sides about 1978/79 showing my age now fresh caught goldies $3.00 each or two for a fiver lads used to come in with 50/60 fresh caught birds every sunday long gone now
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