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  1. Used winchesters in my 10/22 and had a terrible time with them. Lots of inaccuracy even at short ranges, they were much "dirtier" than anything else i used. So i packed them in. I use only cci now my gun likes them so thats that. Using the segmented hp subs now bloody brilliant round. Just my 2cents.
  2. $600 f**k sake, real Hitler youth knives sell for about £75.00 - £100.00. Snide.
  3. mate, if you give me a pm tonight I will take you through how to resize the pics, there is a website called "resizeit" it's a good way of doing it quickly. up to you. yis,
  4. Hi Edd, Just seen you post, sorry mate but I got a locator and collar from one of the other guys, a mate saw my post and gave me about 40 nets. apologies for the delay. Yis G
  5. that method, the one without using a knife, is amazing! I have never heard of that before, quality!
  6. Hi All, Wanting to ad to my purse net collection, will consider all sizes and weights, as long as the material is synthetic, (i.e. nylon or poly) not hemp. I'm looking for about 30 nets. also looking for ferret finder and 2 collars please pm with what you have and what money you want. YIS G
  7. My advice would be to google what conditions classify a person as a "Prohibited Person" under the firearms act, then if you fit any of those categories you know, your almost certainly going to get turned down. As someone has already said, if you have been given a custodial sentence for a certain amount of time you are then prohibited. I believe the duration of sentence is 3 years or more. please don't quote me on that. You are going to have to be careful how you discuss it with you firearms officer as they are going to on their guard from the off, if you have an assault caution. yis
  8. Looks the nuts! Is it lined? All the best with the orders!
  9. Was gonna post the same question myself cheers guys I can get this over the counter right?
  10. very nice fish, glad it went back.
  11. Hi has anyone got any working ferrets / offspring from working lines available in the kent area? atb, G
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