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  1. Tratante

    Let's See Ur Rough Haired Lurchers !!!

    Looks like a dog I owned around 79, beddy whippet with a bit of bull.. wish I could get my hands on another one!
  2. Tratante

    Brightmoor Bred Dog

    Found these old photos of Bill, Doug and Stan when we were at Bill's place, he is holding a dog that he gave me. The photos of the terriers are non-descript northern working terriers photos taken around 1979, the black small lurcher is one of the best lamping dogs I ever had and tough as old boots.
  3. Tratante

    Brightmoor Bred Dog

    I had two dogs from Bill, one was a black and tan bitch that was average the other was a black rough coated demon. It was too aggressive with people and decided to wake from sleeping by my feet one evening to turn into a Tasmanian Devil. I made the mistake of trying to pick it up by the scruff and was too slow, it took lumps out of my hand and arm, it didn't live with me after that. Last time Bill and I met was just after Christmas 1980, and after a great day at the farm we spent the rest of it trying to drink ten pints of Marsden's Pedigree at the pub over the road which I think was the Black Bull. In hindsight his dogs were fit for that time but now there are better dogs around, rose coloured glasses do not work. I see great running dogs and terriers about these days with little use for a earth dog that was that aggressive it would attack a fox in a rock den that had the advantage of a ledge, an intelligent terrier would bay not attack in that situation. I'm of a generation who tried to breed the best dogs for all the wrong reasons, we bred terriers for aggression and running dogs for height and looks when they should have been bred with good feet (southern England flint) and stamina.. Many a night Doug Cooper and I had to pick up our dogs and retreat after one run because the feet were cut to pieces, mind you the dogs looked great. All of us from that era including the 'names' Mick the Norfolk Poacher, Doug Cooper, Mad Stan, even Plummer were amateurs making it up as we went along. Brian and I got one fairly well and I had one of his early lurches which was average but I'm well pleased for him that he out of the lot of us toe rags has a dog breed named after him, say what you want that's the dogs bollocks we would all like, yeh, even this old git!
  4. Yeh, it was a good show and the weather was great, a few small lurches about and saw a great 3/4 grey x collie.
  5. Just got back from the Surrey Game Fair but only a few good dogs about, not many running dogs. Saw these terriers at the show, I did like the Patterdale's, shame they weren't worked, the owner of the Plummer's said that they worked.
  6. Tratante


    Nuff said!
  7. Tratante


    Last one on this subject.... honest! The 'Tiger Cage'....
  8. Tratante


    Yeh! Still the same by the sounds of things....
  9. Tratante


    It was, remember the lion cage?
  10. Tratante


    Bloody great times! Still going through the book and bottom left looks like your dog?
  11. Tratante


    I've returned to the UK after many years away and going through my mountains of junk and found this book Lambourn. Doug Cooper, Plummer, Mike Douglas, Mad Jim the Blacksmith and a few more dog men every year, wish it was still going. Wonder what happened to Geoff Battans?
  12. Tratante

    Feral Dog V Greyhound

    Its all part of the madness that is the human race.Breeds due to too much showing and little or no field testing has lead to a huge amount of dogs /breeds unable to do the very job that they were bred for many years ago so ....shame on the kennel clubs and their toffy nose breeders.Many Many years years ago if the dog didnt fill the bag or couldnt do the job for which it was bred..... it was culled.A wild dog isnt required these days we in fact have plenty of good working stock out there but we need to stop looking for some MAGIC cross or breed and fine tune and hard cull the ones we already have .I have a good number of dogs off whom I make my living off the backs off ,we have our own lines of working terriers for pest work ,we only breed worker to worker ,only breed the best to the best and its true to say not all turn out to be reasonable workers ,the ones that dont reach that standard we cull .At times we add some other breeds to the mix but once again only from the best we have or can find of that breed.we have found by doing so our % of dogs that reach a reasonable standard is much greater .We do some really top dogs ,some reasonable dogs that do the job well and some poor ones that we then cull .I dont place them as pets as Ive found the owner then decides because his mate or uncle /sister has one... they mate them ,another litter hits the ground from parents that lack whats required .....thats only adding to the problem . You sure that Brian Plummer is not a related to you, I know he was Welsh but loads of them went to NZ on the ten quid boat? Those words of yours above could be heard reverberating around his cottage, being spoken to many a new face throughout the 70's and 80's maybe even longer. By the way don't mention the Rugby unless you're talking about the one and only Hurricanes!
  13. Tratante

    Feral Dog V Greyhound

    Couple of grand? Sod paying that for a dog! Forest of Dean Redneck's plan sounds best idea, any beddie whippets about?
  14. Tratante

    Traditional Lurcher

    3/4 Greyhound 1/4 Collie.
  15. We have a lot of feral dogs here, these hunt and kill whatever's available, one of these crossed with a grey would be pucker. The dogs in the picture are killing a monitor lizard, on Jurong Island, Singapore where these dogs are grow up to 3m long. Anyone know what the import and quarantine rules are these days, as I might bring one back to the UK for breeding?