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  1. foreverorange478

    Fell and moorland video on ebay

    Is the fell and moorland still going around Bedford ???
  2. foreverorange478

    Alsation X Greyhound

    Was this the same breeding mate as the dog you told me about the gezzer had in Bedford that was knocking antler over non stop
  3. foreverorange478


    I’ve been lucky enough to see these dogs do things I couldn’t believe dogs to act to single a buck in herd pre ban of course and then be able to still run a hare and catch rabbits and then go all the way to the big game very versatile dogs btw chaps I’m only having a joke if I can’t dig out my mates dogs what else can I do because my dogs are shite
  4. foreverorange478


    Havoc would lick a deer in the face and no one said scooby was a yapper
  5. foreverorange478


    I heard it used to run and bark the night away once it was slipped
  6. foreverorange478


    Scooby sounded like a right tidy dog shame about that jacket havoc he put in that book aye
  7. foreverorange478

    Digging Kit

    You mean you did all the digging just picking up a shovel put that’s man out of breathe !!!!
  8. foreverorange478

    Tales of a London Poacher.

    Good book good read
  9. foreverorange478


    Anyone around the Dunstable area running dog or doing much terrier work just moved to the area just seeing if theres many blokes up here doing anything