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  1. Hi folks, Just a quick one the Westmeath Working Dog Show is cancelled for this year the 15th of July due to work commitments !!! Sorry for any inconvenience... But myself and Kevin will be holding the show again next July 2019 and look forward to seeing you all....
  2. paddy31

    Moate show

    Thanks Cheney, the show will definitely be back next year the same weekend in July as always
  3. paddy31

    Moate show

    The Westmeath working dog show has been cancelled due to work commitments but myself and Kevin will be holding to show again next year for sure... As Shaneg has said the iwtf may be holding there own show this year... We wish them all the best if they decide to run there own show...
  4. Well Rat Face, the Creggan Court Hotel in Athlone is the nearest accommodation to the show here's the number 00353906477777... We will have a taxi service on the night..
  5. Well Andy, there will be no meal this year. But we'll have a few drinks
  6. Well Folk's, The Westmeath Working Terrier Club will be be holding its annual working dog show on Sunday the 16th July in Moate Co.Westmeath Ireland..... We will have all the usual classes on the day + a raffle, there will be stalls and food there on the day also... We'll keep you up dated over the coming months thanks for reading....
  7. Should the Patterdale dog's and bitches not be judged separately ? It's not very fair judging a dog over a bitch when the dog's are usually bigger stronger type than a bitch !
  8. Thanks Chesney, the good weather was all down to Kevin and his rain dance
  9. Well Folk's A huge thanks from myself and Kevin to everyone that traveled to the show, to all the people that gave us stuff as prizes with out you the raffle wouldn't have been what it was. Also the judges Mr.Darren Cashmore terriers and Mr.Jed Donagh lurchers who done a super job and were kept very busy all day with the huge amount of dogs that turned out.. Also a huge thanks to all the lad's from England, Ireland and Wales that took place in the digging competition 8 great teams...
  10. Kev, Really looking forward to Sunday. Attached see the perpetual trophy spade that Barrie Wade is sending over. It will be engraved for the "Best Entered Terrier". Barrie sends his appreciation for all the hard work that Yourself and Pat have put into this show and to send his regards to all the lads. By preserving terrierwork in Ireland ye are also helping to protect it in the UK as well. "United we Stand" Barrie Wade Trophy 2016 01.jpg Barrie has been with us from the beginning and this is a fantastic endorsement of the Westmeath Working Terrier Club show. A true gent. It's looks real nice p3d I'd like to thank Barrie for donating it and for all his help and support of the IWTF over the year's.. As you said a true gentleman
  11. Well Andy, post codes are no good over here just put Main Street, Moate, County Westmeath into the sat nav and that'll get you to the show..
  12. Well Sam, come straight to Dublin onto the M50 from there take the exit for the M4 Galway/Sligo till you get to Kinnegad then keep left for M6 Galway and follow that road till you hit the slip road for Moate show will be signed from there..
  13. It's great to hear that there's good reports about the show it makes all the hard work worth while.. Hope your not disappointed Hunting Mad
  14. With a bit of luck Fat Man... I'll have Kevin do his sun dance the night before that'll be a spectacular performance in it's self