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    mutts all the way. shooting with shotgun & rifle, digging terriers, lamping and hutin a handy mixed pack of beagles to waiting lurchers.

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  1. Have a litter jue the start of augest if u want a pup no bother


  2. lads is there any decent bred small type pups about or have they disappeared in favour of bigger dogs? Had a shocking year with the terriers and left with very little for this coming season and on the scout for a few new additions, Good few on here know me and know Ive work for a few small terriers, just can’t seem to get hold of them about me!!
  3. fox digger

    Hound Pack Pictures

    Yea the dog is a placid oul whuir, switches on around a mark but laxed enough other than that, the bitch is identical but far keener to find and hunt. I only chanced them on because I was down on numbers. They will be replaced this year I think. Not ideal for long hunts.
  4. fox digger

    Hound Pack Pictures

    Border beagle cross Neil, I’ve a dog and bitch off same litter. Only young but tipping away now.
  5. fox digger

    Hound Pack Pictures

  6. fox digger

    Hound Pack Pictures

  7. fox digger

    Hound Pack Pictures

  8. fox digger

    Hound Pack Pictures

    Haven’t been on here in yonks, here’s some bits n pieces from during the season.
  9. fox digger

    Garmin Alpha 100

    Did garmin have any issue letting you download the BirdsEye mapping onto the alpha mate? I’m afraid to try incase they lock it on me knowing it’s not allowed to be used this neck of the woods!!
  10. fox digger

    Heads Up

    The vet I use knows what the dogs here do, last time I went to him for the vaccine bottles for pups he said to give all the dogs the 7 in one every year now the once off isn't upto scratch anymore on some strains of the virus. I guess nature is coming up with stronger strains of disease/viruses to override human intervention, rats building up immunities to some poisons, worms becoming immune to some workers, it's evolution evolving to its environment I guess...... But know absolutely nothing about it, lol.
  11. fox digger

    Posting Pictures

    I've been told yesterday, rightly or wrongly that there are a couple of cases up very shortly in Ireland where intentionally causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal are the charges bein pressed upon lurcher lads that were caught doing a bit of foxing by night.... Food for thought!!
  12. fox digger

    Baying Hounds

    At 7months a lot of people won't even take them out because they can start to babble, I.e bark on any old scent at all and if not corrected then it's a habit that can become very regular. The voice will come with age and if all the beagles you've seen going have been running a line and giving tongue at 7months they were very exceptional pups, and if possible could you find out if any could be purchased because the penny doesn't usually drop with any I've bred, reared or seen until after 16 months or so.
  13. fox digger

    Kennel Set Ups folks Please

    The gap between the door and panel seems big Daniel is it, Would You run into bother with pups and young terriers? I'd have preferred the hinging to be a bit tighter than it looks, tidy setup tho.I don't keep dogs that grab others(only one place they go)-they won't enter each others runs or boxes-I spend time socialising all my dogs be it terriers or lurchers.not had an accident in over 15 yrs fingers crossed.atb dcI never said anything about grabbing each other or fighting, so your method of socialising isn't in question. I simple ment a handy terrier could get his head out between the gate and panel, and a pup could easily walk through, it's 2" weld mesh, so 2" squares, and judging off the picture I'd be guesstimating that gap is similar size to two squares so around 4".... So I suppose my point that the chap from the galvanisers may be a top bloke but his workmanship is shoddy enough if he needs that much of a gap to hinge 1" box iron!!
  14. fox digger

    Kennel Set Ups folks Please

    The gap between the door and panel seems big Daniel is it, Would You run into bother with pups and young terriers? I'd have preferred the hinging to be a bit tighter than it looks, tidy setup tho.
  15. fox digger

    Scarcity Of Pheasants

    You have to laugh at the vast majority of gun clubs here, in reality all they are is a way for lazy fuckers to renew there firearms license without having to go to the effort of actually going out and getting written permission off individual farmers. I was one of the organisers of reforming our local club that had previously died a death 15/20 odd year ago and after three years on the committee I said I can see exactly why the last club went down the tubes!! We had over three grand in the kitty and the c**ts wouldn't spend a penny..... The week before the season they would want to buy 20/30 birds to release...... I was the only one with Larsen traps going, one or two took them after I made the club buy them with grant aided funds, they had a path worn to me every weekend looking for a call bird cause on there Saturday trip to check the trap they mysteriously discovered the call bird was dead!!!! I was the only one doing fox drives in our area and the only lads that were coming out were mates from different areas that didn't shoot pheasants but loved foxing, also lamping well over 100 foxes a year in our area alone. The c**ts would do nothing! In the end when they wouldn't agree to build a release pen I put one up on my own land and left the club. Low and behold who did I meet sneaking in along the screen bounding my pen the opening morn only the top doggy of the club!!lol, needless to say he got back into his jeep and headed off....I haven't shot a pheasant yet this year and only a handful last year but still rear them and release, still at the foxes but haven't been out after a pheasant yet. Everyone I talk to around here say they are meeting nothing and I know from hunting the beagles that they are very scarce, Is it any bloody wonder!!! Clubs like the one here should get massive fines from the NARGC for not doing vermin counts, not releasing birds and basically doing nothing to regenerate the area only try deplete it the first couple weeks of November. Rant over but it would depress ya thinking about it!