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  1. Fox dropper clear some of your inbox, trying to message you
  2. They both do there job on there own or in company mate, I only work one game
  3. View Advert Saluki bull hound x wheaten hound Pups for there if anyone’s interested, Dam is 3/4 bull hound bitch sent over to “razor”, who was a top coursing dog in Uk, so she’s saluki bull hound, 26tts sire is 3/8 5/8 wheaten hound dog to full Irish coursing greyhound bitch. Makes him very close to 7/8 wheaten hound. Have both parents from pups, Both have a job and are out with hounds every weekend and lamped during the winter. pups will be at the very least quick lurchers!! Didnt br
  4. lads is there any decent bred small type pups about or have they disappeared in favour of bigger dogs? Had a shocking year with the terriers and left with very little for this coming season and on the scout for a few new additions, Good few on here know me and know Ive work for a few small terriers, just can’t seem to get hold of them about me!!
  5. Yea the dog is a placid oul whuir, switches on around a mark but laxed enough other than that, the bitch is identical but far keener to find and hunt. I only chanced them on because I was down on numbers. They will be replaced this year I think. Not ideal for long hunts.
  6. Border beagle cross Neil, I’ve a dog and bitch off same litter. Only young but tipping away now.
  7. Haven’t been on here in yonks, here’s some bits n pieces from during the season.
  8. Did garmin have any issue letting you download the BirdsEye mapping onto the alpha mate? I’m afraid to try incase they lock it on me knowing it’s not allowed to be used this neck of the woods!!
  9. The vet I use knows what the dogs here do, last time I went to him for the vaccine bottles for pups he said to give all the dogs the 7 in one every year now the once off isn't upto scratch anymore on some strains of the virus. I guess nature is coming up with stronger strains of disease/viruses to override human intervention, rats building up immunities to some poisons, worms becoming immune to some workers, it's evolution evolving to its environment I guess...... But know absolutely nothing about it, lol.
  10. I've been told yesterday, rightly or wrongly that there are a couple of cases up very shortly in Ireland where intentionally causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal are the charges bein pressed upon lurcher lads that were caught doing a bit of foxing by night.... Food for thought!!
  11. At 7months a lot of people won't even take them out because they can start to babble, I.e bark on any old scent at all and if not corrected then it's a habit that can become very regular. The voice will come with age and if all the beagles you've seen going have been running a line and giving tongue at 7months they were very exceptional pups, and if possible could you find out if any could be purchased because the penny doesn't usually drop with any I've bred, reared or seen until after 16 months or so.
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