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  1. Try SGA or SACS. Both offer insurance and much more, at around the same price.
  2. That's a bargain price. As said, x2 is still decent.
  3. Hi Dean, I have a .177 BSA Scorpion T-10 with one mag for sale. Comes with a refilling hose, PH mod, a brand new Hawke Map Pro 4-16 x 50 AO Map scope, a kolpin sling with uncle mikes quick release swivels and a new HSF carrying sleeve. In good condition and asking £350 + postage for it. regards Alan
  4. Hi, If you look under, Sporting Rifles on here, then to Rimfire, Centrefire and shotguns, then Frequently asked questions and scenarios I'm sure you will find many of the answers you are looking for. I used this to assist me when I needed information to complete my own firearms cert and have directed people new to shooting to it when they are searching for the same info. Good luck. Alan
  5. Hi, I live in Scotland .... I was visiting family when I first added the post and thought I had more chance of a sale if I was able to deliver on way back here. I am in Fife if your interested in the set up. Thanks Alan
  6. Still for sale but with a price drop. Thanks for looking.
  7. Brendon Chase, by B.B. It will take you back to your childhood, if your old enough, or just let you see a time past. Enjoy. Alan
  8. Reduced to £30.00 posted or may swap for 223 52gr HPBT bullets ( heads ) for reloading or WHY ? Reply via PM please. Alan
  9. Hi, Photos sent via email ....... Alan
  10. Hi, I have tried upload photos and cant .... if you pm me your email address I can forward them on to you. Alan
  11. Hi, I'll see if I can get any up later .... as I've never done it before.. But if you google "deerhunter pacha" and it will let you see the camo pattern and pocket details. Alan
  12. "Pacha" jacket in innovation camo. Size is 176, which I believe is about a 16yr old or perhaps smaller or medium adults. I have just purchased it second hand, but its too small for me, so I am passing it on for £32.00 posted ( I paid £35.00 posted ) and new it retails at around £60. It had three very small holes/plucks whch I have now repaired so can hardly be seen Alan
  13. I have used various Eley on the indoor range and after buying myself a brno as well, I got hold of some cci subs and some cci standard. Both great in the brno bolt action, but the ruger 10/22 keeps jamming with the standards. I save the subs for the brno on the farm, May try some remmingtons .... I had some last year and they were fine too. The ruger is clean as are the mags ..... just doesnt like cci standards. ( I do like the price of £25 per 500 though, but no good if they jam )
  14. Where are you located ?
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