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  1. Jetro are you fare away from castle bar from where you live?
  2. Mixedgrill say for instance the dog was bred from a uncle/neice mating.then he was put to His harf sister same sire different dam then him put over his daughters would it be to close??
  3. Ok stiffy I’ll take your word on it
  4. stiffy I no there’s a lot off patterdales in the town not just mine this older generation your talking about have you witnessed there dogs out on a regular basis??? Or have you just heard this? seen the older generations standards of what they class as digging dogs and there nothing to write home about
  5. I don’t think so buddy
  6. I would struggle to count on one hand the amount of good/genuine terrier men that actually no what there doing in Carlisle so it’s unlikely that dog is any good and the price is shocking!!!
  7. Rob 284 not a red but had a white roa meny moons ago
  8. Is that one of your present terriers rabbit hunter?
  9. Chuddlys classic is a good dry food fed mine on it for a good while now dogs look really well for £18 pound a bag well worth trying
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