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  1. markja

    Ducks and Mud

    I've kept ducks before and was thinking about getting them again but seeing this is why I got rid of them there scruffy b*****d I don't think I will bother again. But just keep adding the chipping and the run will be ok
  2. After a couple of jills if you no of any going cheers atb mark
  3. markja

    Any Point Of Lays

    There's a few farms in cuddlington not far from Runcorn
  4. markja

    Ferreting Tomorrow

    I would be up for a day out if you need any help in future mate atb mark
  5. markja

    Smk 19

    What's people's thoughts on these air rifles cheers
  6. markja

    Decent Game Bags

    Think I will have a look on the website cheers lads
  7. I am after a small to medium game bag can anyone recommend any cheers
  8. markja


    think thats the one I mentioned nice looking pup I thought
  9. markja


    There's a dog pup on Facebook in Runcorn no papers for 150
  10. markja

    Rhonda Rousey

    true let's see how she comes back from this defeat then we will find out her true quality as a fighter
  11. markja

    Rhonda Rousey

    Rhonda fought the wrong fight last nite and got knocked the f&@k out holm is a good stand up fighter
  12. markja

    Multi Gyms

    Forget the multi gym run 3 times a week and look on you tube for a weights circuit 2/3 times a week
  13. markja

    Chelsea Beat Again Off Liverpool

    He has been playing crap footy for a while now only difference now is there getting caught out
  14. markja

    Caught Trespassing

    were all good mate cheers