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  1. More squirrels I’m garden than i saw up the woods today
  2. Fooking tackle on this one
  3. Another 2 this morning up the wood that’s 40 , they weren’t interested in the feeder but foraging for food , mate filled my drum up with feeder food and a bonus one from garden when I got home woods 40 home 5
  4. Another 2 from the old feeder today plus a 25m head shot
  5. What are you using for a lid ? Wont they chew thru it ?
  6. New feeder and hide , hide built from pallets
  7. Yeah saw that like the look of it but sold out everywhere
  8. I have done but usually forget , I’ve some footage that needs editing, I wouldn’t change the combo in a hurry unless something equally as good came along
  9. Another 3 one evening last week , followed by another 4 a few mornings later could only get to. 2 , 35 now from the one feeder since June only shoot it 2 hours a week
  10. What length of barrel is on that Karl ?
  11. New hide and feeder up this morning
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