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  1. Mate filled up feed bin for me , had 4 in 2 1/2 hours Saturday pm
  2. This one ventured in to the garden this morning first one in months, mates been checking feeders in the wood filled them up twice this week , find sun flower seeds split with hearts taken out , so should some action on them soon
  3. I’d set them up bird activity will get the squirrels interested , only a matter of time before they kick in , took one of a feeder yesterday
  4. Yes there has here never seen so many acorns etc and the woods I shoot is mainly beech , oak etc , one trail camera took 56 photos last month on a feeder but not one of a squirrel, so I’m happy to see a few returning only been 3 months since I shot the last one
  5. New feeder up , after months of inactivity had a few show lately one visitor didn’t leave though , hopefully now all natural food is down the feeders will kick in again https://youtu.be/3SXab5ja8VA
  6. Totally agree with you , but these are set in a wood for squirrel control
  7. Didn’t use too many nails wired most of it together with a few nails on top pallet to hold it onto side pallets
  8. Cheers mate took about an hour to do each one
  9. Built 3 of these out of pallets covered in tarpaulin old camo netting and old small branches , got a seat in each one keeps you dry and out of the wind on cold days
  10. sam r


    Yrs the garden is fine as I do but not seen much in my garden in recent weeks and with so much natural food about oaks and horse chestnut shutting themselves down to preserve themselves you know it’s bad so getting to those places that are only usually use to shoot a little water could go a long way to helping our wildlife out
  11. sam r


    Not the biggest I know but it’s added with pheasant drinkers dotted about will help out
  12. sam r


    A bit late. I know with the weather looking like it’s going to break but I went up to the woods Saturday morning to check squirrel feeders , hardly been touched in weeks but I did add a small drinking pot to each one and refilled the pheasant drinkers even though we’ve got no birds this season , and even filled an empty trough with water so everything could at least have a small drink , birds hares and dear a like even mr fox , all need water like we do
  13. Be a really sensible move that , with the price of wheat etc soaring because of Russia / Ukrain and they find it more important to build homes on farmland here than it is to grow crops , and a so called “ cost of living crisis “ where people are struggling,let’s just leave it all to the pigeons
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