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  1. Agreed ,im not knocking him just what he likes ,he has a choice and his choice is a sxs
  2. just checking I know one bloke who wont shoot anything other than a sxs and its got to be twin trigger , hes got an o/u and used it once
  3. You mean you like a double trigger I hate them ive a Ugertaghter or what ever its called and always forget about the second trigger until its too late
  4. sam r

    Ouija boards.

    This stuff sends shivers down my spine and make the hairs stand on their ends , leave well alone
  5. hello from an ex Eastbourne lad
  6. sam r


    cracking expression on the dogs face , looks like hes going to offer you out
  7. im at work at mo so im safe ,lol , if theres one thing I refuse to do its shopping drives me mad and she knows it so its safer if she goes
  8. don't affect me ,woman does the shopping I aint got tits so its got to be womens work
  9. Got this little one arriving mid December
  10. got chickens had the odd rat or 2 have covered holes and filled with block poison have also used various types of traps the best was an electronic one that electrocuted the rat but broke when it got wet , no magical cure im afraid
  11. sam r

    Lucky escape

    You were lucky ,never worn jewellery myself always managed to damage myself enough without it
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