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  1. Feel for you and your family , where there’s a will there’s a way wishing you all the best and hope you succeed in doing this for her
  2. First day on picking wounded birds
  3. Nice what a kind dad you are gun looks as long as he is tall
  4. Pups just turned 10 months training came on leaps and bounds so we thought we’d try him on pigeons today for a few hours , I sat in a ditch with him while a mate shot 4 , pup was as steady as a rock not flinching at all , so we let him pick them up and I couldn’t be happier with him , next mate moved next to us and shot another 3 again pup was steady as again we let them pick them up again for his age imo faultless , I know he’s young and work in progress but I couldn’t be happier with him
  5. Good choice love my 110 , you won’t regret it
  6. Took pup for a bit of training yesterday with starter pistol and then dummy launcher all goi g well till my mate near blew his arm out of its socket and fired the dummy ,well who knows where 2 dogs couldn’t find it
  7. Been a few reviews on you tube about them may be worth looking at them
  8. Cheers , no def not the best of things to have hanging around
  9. Please be my guest
  10. Think I’ll be locking it away and hiding the keys
  11. Been noticing a bit of rat activity in the back garden of late a few holes in one corner of the raised bed so put a trap out first with peanut butter , but nothing , next I tried cat food , still nothing , onto phase 3 dog kibble on the trap , guess what NOTHING, but then I noticed one of the bird feeders about 5 ft off the ground with a fat ball had received a good norring , so I took it down and tied it to a base of a tree , sure enough the rat/s had been at it . So yesterday morning after taking the dog out ,and just getting in the door Mrs “ there’s a rat in the garden “ I rush up stairs out the bathroom window I see a rat at the fat ball out comes the HW110 and nail it , Later in the day my mrs wants me to teach her how to shoot . Hour later she reloading the mag and shooting like a gooden
  12. Look on Amazon Apeman action cameras was one for £39 ideal for. What you want
  13. Sorry to hear about your daughter , good shooting by the way
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