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  1. sam r


    amazing sight and sound ,I live near to Goodwood aerodrome have 2 seaters fly out of there ,once a week one flys over
  2. sam r

    It’s only a matter of time

    as said earlier good luck ,your patience will pay off eventually
  3. sam r

    Venturing into pcp's and HFT

    hi not long bought a pcp myself (a mint Daystate Harrier x2 )totally different to any springer ive used splashed out on a Hills mk4 pump too they are awesome bits of kit
  4. sam r

    Pigeon Shooting

    yeah can understand what you are saying ,but I wont be that person, easy to say I know and trying to convince others is hard but all I have is my word for it
  5. sam r

    Pigeon Shooting

    well im open to anything so ill give it ago ,nothing ventured and all ,cheers
  6. sam r

    Pigeon Shooting

    hi BenBhoy , ive already contemplated this business card approach ,a lot of farms around me are own by estates with tenant farmers ,after a chat with one farmer on Saturday he said my chances were slim at best ,hence my ad here ,but for the sake of a tenner ill go with ,card plan and try to get further a field cheers
  7. Hi, big ask I know but looking for a permission in South Hampshire based in Havant ,BASC member ,shotgun or air rifle thanks Sam
  8. sam r

    Semi 12g

    I should of added I only paid £260 for my Hatsan new
  9. sam r

    Semi 12g

    Hatsan ? Cheap to buy 3 year warranty not had any probs with mine
  10. sam r


    Hi thinking of joining a local wildfowling club ,need to protect my gun from the salt water and mud has anyone tried ACF 50 ,if so what was it like ,cheers
  11. sam r

    Who else loves their fishing?

    Yeah seen some good sized fish come out of there ,just walk over the A27 and I’m at Langstone,must get my butt into gear ,cheers
  12. sam r

    Who else loves their fishing?

    Yes should really give it ago one day only a few minutes from beach ,don’t go out on boats as I’m rubbish and just throw up all the time
  13. sam r

    Who else loves their fishing?

    Used to love carp fishing ,here and in France but like everything as soon as it gets popular prices go through the roof ,so I don’t bother anymore
  14. sam r

    hi all

    hi and thanks
  15. sam r

    Had this on me... aarrrgghh!

    bumped into this one morning on holiday ,sort of woke me up ,only wanted to make a cuppa