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  1. sam r

    Cider time again.

    Got 2 lots of cider on the go with a dozen bottles of strawberry wine done
  2. sam r

    What dog??

    seen plenty of vids with spaniels in the hides , im thinking of getting a Labrador next year maybe a fox red one
  3. sam r

    Hello There

    gooday mate , ill be visiting your glorious country next year on my bi annual visit to the relatives ,
  4. sam r

    Those were the days.

    brilliant shot of yester year
  5. sam r

    Let's see your river catches 2019

    caught a puffer fish whilst river fishing in oz last year with my mrs uncle ,shark netting around jetty / swimming area about alarming though
  6. sam r

    permision required

    Got to explore every avenue
  7. sam r

    permision required

    That’s as maybe but posted on the off chance someone may be moving house / area. Or giving up stranger things have happened
  8. sam r

    all change

    good one despite the weather
  9. sam r

    A good night foxing

    Nice one in pic no5 looks a bit worse for ware
  10. sam r

    Gordon Ramsey uncharted

    Yes got it on record for the woman think first one is set in New Zealand
  11. sam r

    bloody spiders

    ive now taken up the cheaper route of spider repellent ,my trainer had 3 this morning
  12. sam r

    bloody spiders

    just gooogled false widows in the UK and as said theres loads of vairiations ,but id say yes it is one theres also a few horrible looking bites on there too
  13. sam r

    bloody spiders

    if your retrieving stuff its not always possible to do a detailed search on whats about at the time ,id rather deal with a spider bite at this time than a tick bite and all the complications they can bring on later
  14. sam r

    bloody spiders

    Cheers all
  15. sam r

    bloody spiders

    Couldn’t get in to see the doctor so it was a trip to the chemist, who told me to take anti hystamene and a hydrocortisone cream to rub on it ,redness and itchy has gone down a bit but still sensitive,I’ll keep an eye on it