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  1. Ok thanks for getting back to me
  2. Can you message me mate don’t know why it’s not letting me
  3. Alright mate what’s left mate Dog or bitch thanks hodge
  4. hodge


    Probably mate its because I had that cross before teckel x basset it’s just for bushing and ferreting so might look at a teckel see what’s about
  5. hodge


    Cheers mate I spoken to Wayne who runs them he never said he was breeding anything but he will listen out for me
  6. hodge


    Does anyone no someone who breeds teckel x basset hound all does anyone know a chap call Brian he used to breed them I think he’s from Herefordshire had pup off him about 8 years ago but lost is number any help would be appreciated thanks hodge
  7. We had a great day my pup worked well really pleased how she coming on marking sets at the end of the day ferrets worked well good banter can’t beat it cheers John
  8. Alright mate i am looking for 2 hob they will have a five star home cheers mate
  9. You no me Flacko always smiling ??
  10. With Had a good Season haven’t we John Little Alfie loves to get stuck in putting the nets on and digging the ferrets out Roll on next season?
  11. Hi Mate , do you have any older Ferrets ?i need one and a youngster  for the coming season .

  12. Baby ferrets hobs and jills silvers polecats albinos pm me if interested ? West Midlands
  13. Pard 007 View Advert Wanted pard 007 Advertiser hodge Date 09/09/20 Price Category Scopes and Optics
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