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  1. I caught quite a few flatheads when I went Sydney couple of years ago tasted great wrapped up in tin foil on BBQ and a bottle of Carlton
  2. I've tried telling him as soon as he's gets a bunny in his mouth things will change he will switch on he's just impatient and wants instant results with a dog that's still to young
  3. Hi lads I've kept terriers over 20 years now my pal just got into dog game he bought a Lakeland dog pup which is now six months old I've tried telling him time and time again it will show a interest when it's ready but he thinks I'm pulling his leg will some decent lads please tell the score on here I'll show him the replays I get to this topic thanks a hope everyone has a good season
  4. My young bitch what's 2 and a bit now was the most forward pup I've seen straight in when older dogs made a catch it's first solo catch was a squirrel at 3 and a 1/2 months two two bites still didn't let it go still won't let go now until whatever in it's mouth stops moving
  5. Yeah the two bitches I've got here are the old dogs granddaughter and great granddaughter wish they had half the brain he had
  6. Only time I done it is when first dogs collar packed up so put it's dam in with second collar on just to locate young bitch only had to do it once didn't want to do it but young bitch won't come away from here quarry once she gets up it it
  7. Looks some nice country to walk that foxpack u in U.K. Or over water
  8. My first ever dog leggy lakey Russell cross never a earth dog coaxed him into a pipe when I was about 13 he be about one big boar badger in there took a hideing never wanted to go to ground again but the best bushing terrier I've seen in all years I've hunted clever wasn't the word with that dog wish my bitches I've got now had half the brain he possessed lasted to the ripe old age of 17 when he had to be pts as his body started packing up he's buried in his favourite valley where he used to chill out with my old man when old fella used to take him fishing on a nice sunny day to get him out wo
  9. Don't think I would ever be without one now got one when I was 3 from my uncle 30 years later still got two bred down down from same stuff might have changed there look and colour but there all mad as a box of frogs
  10. For some reason they didn't seem interested about me reporting a frenchie chasing cats there supposed to care
  11. Think I might have to report a suspicious French bulldog that chases cats and birds out of its garden everyday think prime time to call will be when I get up at about 3am for work
  12. If u can't tell your dogs been up to a cub by look of it keep dogs on a lead from now on by all means take your own momento,s but there's no need to put them on a public forum where u have no idea you is looking at them
  13. Went potarus Cyprus last year with wife and kids took lad out on boat 3 barracuda and 16 bonitas with I could work out how to upload pics and videos phones full of them
  14. Vasillis every fish I catch will get a pic took and thrown back I love catching fishing i always told when growing up throw them back then there still there for next man to have a go at Atb
  15. Vasillis every fish I get will get a pic took and thrown back I love catching fishing i always told when growing up throw them back then there still there for next man to have a go at Atb
  16. I was inSan Antonio Ibiza about two month ago brought a little telescopic rod 8 euro must of had 30. 40 bream of boat taxi jetty next to hotel all on bread really good fishing trips if u get water taxi to main strip old English guy called Pete looks just like captain Birdseye off tele adds well worth going out with him bite a minute drifting a few different spots see some right sights sun bathing on rocks and cliffs if u boys know what I mean
  17. Vasillas I'm there for two weeks next June in Corfu is there any local rules about lure fishing from off rocks i.e. Do u need to get a license don't fancy falling foul of police over there when I'm meant to be getting married
  18. Looks a nice worn entrance that one to go back to when a bit of snow on ground
  19. I use warm salt water in a flask then wash off with fresh clean water after ratting then dettol in bath
  20. Couple of years ago a pal of mine had a lovely little buddy whippet bitch no bigger than 18 19 inch didn't see a thing till it was 18 months when he got her took her ratting with couple of terriers she was that clumsy she was cut to ribbons at end of morning she was a fantastic ferreting bitch one day checking a big log pile for Charlie with my bitches the old bitch found one been a put and out Bayer I called her out and put young bitch in which would stick to them like glue no matter what . Young bitch got up to quarry so we started pull logs out to get to her as we broke through I separated
  21. Ahhh [BANNED TEXT] a wovely wittle woxy
  22. We should hunt nonces with hounds let's see what do gooders say then probably against the nonces human rights ffs
  23. I've seen in one spot near me two very different aged litters but only one vixen comeing in to them u could defo tell it was same one as she had a bob tail I always thought it was same dog fox had fathered with two vixens
  24. Execelent video that pal that shows how much time and effort u put into training
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