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  1. I got my best bullx for f**k all. At 7 months got give it a go
  2. I will take it if u still got no f****n u about
  3. Have u still got them i will have them
  4. tai

    Galv Panels

    Have u still got panels [BANNED TEXT]
  5. Long shot u still got your dog run
  6. Have u still got dog run
  7. Mentto its off my bitch the pup's a dog
  8. Hello mate this is a long shot u still after lurcher pup got one here 6months off good stuff its my bitch. Don't know how to advertis
  9. my pup off my bitch is a strong powerfulmdog 6 months Old it's looking well an the winter is not far away thing is mite have a job away don't know [BANNED TEXT] to do with him. How do i put photos up
  10. Can anyone help looking for good bushing dog or bitch
  11. Lookig for stud bullx 5/8 3/8 or 3/4 for my lurcher bitch
  12. tai

    Stud Wanted

    Anyone help looking for bullx 5/8 3/8 or 3/4 to put over my bitch
  13. tai

    Nob Ed

    You're. RIght mate that y i breed. OFf my own bitch i know what an getting like i said my mate missed out. Am not in it for money she had 10 pups i gave 9 away. Anyway keep callin an good luck 4 next season
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