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  1. tai

    Bull Greyhound

    How is it crossed mate
  2. tai

    Bull Greyhound

    I got my best bullx for f**k all. At 7 months got give it a go
  3. tai

    Bull Greyhound

    I will take it if u still got no f****n u about
  4. tai

    Bull Greyhound

    Have u still got
  5. tai

    Kennel & Run

    Have u still got them i will have them
  6. tai

    Galv Panels

    Have u still got panels [BANNED TEXT]
  7. tai

    Dog Kennel

    Long shot u still got your dog run
  8. tai

    Kennel & Run

    Have u still got dog run
  9. tai


    Mentto its off my bitch the pup's a dog
  10. tai


    Hello mate this is a long shot u still after lurcher pup got one here 6months off good stuff its my bitch. Don't know how to advertis
  11. tai


    You still after pup
  12. my pup off my bitch is a strong powerfulmdog 6 months Old it's looking well an the winter is not far away thing is mite have a job away don't know [BANNED TEXT] to do with him. How do i put photos up
  13. Can anyone help looking for good bushing dog or bitch
  14. tai

    Stud Wanted

    Lookig for stud bullx 5/8 3/8 or 3/4 for my lurcher bitch
  15. tai

    Stud Wanted

    Anyone help looking for bullx 5/8 3/8 or 3/4 to put over my bitch