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    fishing,shooting,lamping,terriers,meeting new people and learning....so hope you lot can give me some needed advice :). all are welcome to email me or message me..
  1. darren247

    Big Dog Fox...has It The Power??

    Mixedgrill...what ya mean?
  2. darren247

    Big Dog Fox...has It The Power??

    Trainers and trackies...not me, also as stated,we wer out walking the dogs,hence my 17yr old bro's choice of clothes in pic. Twat
  3. darren247

    Big Dog Fox...has It The Power??

    Thank you daniel, a decent reply. Atleast theres hope yet,unlike most mouthy chavs on here that dont open there mouths to me at the irish game fairs.there balls havent dropped yet
  4. darren247

    Big Dog Fox...has It The Power??

    Entitled to ask questions im sure,which is what i did..
  5. darren247

    Big Dog Fox...has It The Power??

    Why take pics down? Fox hunting is legal here so??
  6. darren247

    Big Dog Fox...has It The Power??

    Next. Someone with advice,not smart twats
  7. Out walking my patterdale the other day, he went missing, for 40min,the russel went down a hole,and came back up in 20-25 with minor cut. But when the patt came out,he was worse for wear. How can you exactly tell..without seeing or digging to it. My patt is well marked but no major rips to the chin
  8. anyone around westmeath up for bringing me and youngr bro on a dig with my patt??

  9. anybody around westmeath area? ireland. pm me...

  10. darren247

    Patterdales First Rat

    They roll in shit to hide there own scent incase another animal picks there scent up,clever buggers
  11. [NO TEXT TALK] know the chap in balinrobe,mayo,breeds parsons,are they worth the purchase

  12. darren247


    just wondering how many terrier races where on?? was it qualifier and then the final??or was there more??
  13. darren247

    Interested In Wheeler Dogs Any Help

    not sure what mine,i thought wheeler but was told nuttal gould mix