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  1. I know a lad that got a couple of them few years back he said the bitch was okay think he might still have the bitch I know he gave the dog away as couldn’t trust it near his kids as was a snappy little twat and didn’t want to risk it as kids should be able to touch and play with them
  2. Had a hour on aire with my dad to get him out of house as he had a spell in hospital for a op I got 4 my dad blanked absolutely freezing as well
  3. A peg I’ve never fished at ullerskelf dog might bring me some luck
  4. Yeah young one is forth generation that is bred down from my first terrier what I got as a 12 year old as a birthday present from my uncle I breed one litter from each bitch and wife and kids pick which one we keep don’t have a pic of first dog he was lakie/Russel mix
  5. All three ready for a sleep after today’s walk
  6. Ullerskelf till dark my pal in peg below pulled out of a barbel
  7. Couple hours at ullerskelf Phone died on bank got couple small flatties and a small barbel
  8. Checking cover and some rubble piles for pups flying now think a few spins out with my dads mate pack that push to waiting guns r in order once we get a few frosty morning
  9. Had a hour at ullerskelf river come a good meter and half fair few fish topping but a blank apart from couple falties and chublets
  10. How many lads seen seals in there swim while fishing was at Ulleskelf this afternoon for couple hours the river is tidal there and heard rumours that one was knocking about sat watching rods after a barbel and see what I think is a log floating down my side of river just upstream from me turns out it’s a seal chomping down on a nice sized bream floated down river with its dinner not 20ft out from me not bothered about me in the slightest got a couple of short videos of it on way past less than a hour later it swims upstream of me actually under my rods not in slightest bit afraid if someone
  11. Under Me Happy wife happy wife
  12. does It get stuck in if there’s a catch in cover wanted to get one couple of years ago but misses wasn’t having any of it would imagine they wouldn’t be the quickest through cover would like to see one work though be interesting
  13. A new peg I’ve knocked in on aire slightly colder so the big chub might play
  14. Another good hour cover bashing pups coming on good now doesn’t stop
  15. Got a couple walking past with dogs to take a better picture
  16. my old man said a ide if it is it’s a pb
  17. At Beal on aire chub or ide u decide
  18. All legs and tounge blowing after a hours bashing cover can’t wait for cover to die off a bit
  19. I know a couple of spots that have some nice ones hidden away
  20. Yeah just lobworm and small feeders with groundbait I think u limited to fish u will catch on certain rivers if u use pellets or meat at least u get plenty of bites on the worm
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