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  1. Vassilis

    Dove Hunting In Greece

    An extreme shot at 55 meters at 3min
  2. Vassilis

    The Great Guys

    Eliphalet Remington. The top American gunner in my opinion! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eliphalet_Remington
  3. Vassilis

    Dove Hunting In Greece

    Epagneul Breton my friend!
  4. Vassilis

    Dove Hunting In Greece

    A trick that helps me understand if my shot is behind or in front of the bird is that in case i am in front of the bird, it will stop or it will fly upwards!
  5. Vassilis

    Dove Hunting In Greece

    nice shooting mate. is that a maintained lead youre doing there? First of all, the shooter is a friend of mine. Secondly, it depends on the situation. In most cases yes a maintained lead is the method used. But he likes more the swing through method. unfortunately it is not that easy because of the surprise effect!
  6. A nice video from one of the most known places in Greece for dove hunting.
  7. Vassilis

    The Great Guys

    The best Russian guns inventor!
  8. Vassilis

    The Great Guys

    James Purdey holds three Royal Warrants of appointment as gun and rifle makers to the British and other European royal families. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Purdey_%26_Sons
  9. Vassilis

    The Great Guys

    Of course nothing would exist now without the great Alfred Nobel!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfred_Nobel
  10. Vassilis

    Bit Of Pigeon Shooting.

    I have seen so many photos in this forum with pigeon shooting and i am still amazed with the numbers you have in Great Britain. Well done!!
  11. Vassilis

    The Great Guys

    I open this thread to give a tribute to the great guys that made possible for us to hunt and enjoy the mountain! First, the best for me John M. Browning It really worths the time to watch it!!
  12. Vassilis

    Game Of Thrones

    Anyone saw the last episode? I am at the office and i can't wait to go home and watch it. Please no spoilers!!!!
  13. Vassilis

    New Here

    Welcome my friend. I hope you have a nice time here
  14. Vassilis

    Gun Stock

    Since i will try it for the first time i will choose something easy to find and cheap. The good thing is that i have the tools i need and the help of internet!!
  15. Vassilis

    Fishing In Greece

    I am not sure that i fully understand what you are saying. If you don't know how to upload an image you can ask an admin to show you the thread with this information. I can also help you with that if you like