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  1. Terrier15

    After Ratting

    I spray with dettol solution if he is bad. If not just a clean off when home with a natural shampoo stuff my missus got for cleaning oil off my hands. Can find the name of it if you want
  2. Terrier15

    Ratting, Bedford

    Ok mate that sounds good. Will PM you to sort something out.
  3. Terrier15

    Ratting, Bedford

    I don’t mind travelling too much mate. If you are moving sheds would be worthwhile for a bit of a laugh. Let me know closer to the time and if I’m free I’ll see if I can get down. Only got one dog
  4. Terrier15

    Ratting, Bedford

    When are you thinking about doing it mate?
  5. Terrier15

    Rats R Us.

    Looks like you have plenty of action there Treehands! Great fun!
  6. Terrier15

    After Ratting

    We were in a pile of shit, literally. The whole place was moving with what looked like miniature woodlice - everytime we turned something over we could see them moving. The fleas could have been there from before but I doubt it as I keep on top of them pretty well, that and he live indoors so would have noticed I think.
  7. Terrier15

    After Ratting

    Hi, Looking for some advice about how to clean a dog in the field after ratting. Last night dog was covered in mites and fleas - would diluted dettol sprayed on after we have finished stop this? If not, what do you guys use? Looking for a way to clean dog while in the field before heading home. Ed
  8. Terrier15


    King - I'll be setting something like that up this weekend! Be sure to scare the shit out of anyone there who shouldn't be there.
  9. Terrier15

    Good Advice From A Legend.

    Great footage, just sent it to my pal who has a staffie for ratting!
  10. Terrier15

    Out Ratting

    Ok mate. Just wondering that's all, I cut mine short but leave it longer than yours. Just because I assumed it would give slightly more protection. One of the places we have is a pile of pig shit/ green waste, he stinks after digging about in that! Ed
  11. Terrier15

    Out Ratting

    Pud - I think that is your westie? Do you clip the coat? If so, why? Just interested as I would have thought a slightly longer coat would be able to take a bite better? Ed
  12. Terrier15

    Rats R Us.

    Looks like he has grown lots griffgav! Should be ideal for what you want!
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a level wind part (the guide bit) for my old Abu 7000 synchro. Does anyone have a good supplier of reel spares? Ed
  14. Terrier15

    Beef Greaves - Moongold Etc

    Deadeyes - I work 5 mins from Colchester zoo. Who supplies them with meat? Pm if preferred.