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  1. She’s stunning, what height has she ended up mate
  2. She’s going alright, she’s not really seen much tbh but what she’s done she’s done well, This season I’ll up the ante with her and I’ve no doubt she’ll take it in her stride
  3. My bitch 21 month old first full season for her this year
  4. View Advert Beddy whippet greyhound 2 year old 1/2 beddy 3/8 whippet 1/8 greyhound dog for sale , I’ve had this dog since 8 week old, he’s house trained can live in or outside he’s broke to ferrets and retrieves from land and water and has brilliant recall, He knows how to run the lamp and hunts well in the day, I had bought him for the mrs but he has taken to me but with me having 2 other working dogs I have no time to give him what he needs so that he can reach his full potential, all the ground work has been done although he would need a few weeks t
  5. Thought I’d update the thread with a few pics and a little write up to how the pups done this season, duchess has had a good start to her working career she’s done well on the few nights she’s been out this season, unfortunately she’s come into season a week ago so that’ll be her done now until September when hopefully she’ll be raring to go on the stubble and I’ll have a good winter big land
  6. Sounds like shes coming on great fella, havent started mine yet on the lamp, went out for a wander a week or so ago with the big dog to see what was about the rabbit population is right down From last year and theyre clued up already,on the plus side their bigger friends have bred well this year just hope they have another good year of breeding for when shes ready for them, Ill be traveling out Sunday to give her ago on some new land with plenty of green bunnies as shes more than ready for a good night Atb TeDuke
  7. Tbh mate Ill be sticking with deben, no offence to d Lloyd but I cant imagine his being any superior to the 22 amp they do apart from price, the 24 amp life po4 has a 1400 charge cycle compared to the 300 on the 22 amp, it would be interesting to hear how many charge cycles the 1 d Lloyd does do though
  8. Have any lads got or have used the life po4 lithium batteries made by deben, the reason I ask is Ive just sent my lithium polymer 22amp to be fixed and after 14 days theyre sending it back without the charge for fixing it and postage due to the delay in getting it sorted , with it being out of warranty and only putting out 2/3rds of its original output theyre offering me 30 percent off my next purchase if I send the old battery back, so Im thinking in buying the life po4 24amp as Ill get it for around 200 quid, any info on the life po4 would be great Thanks TeDuke
  9. Boiled mince beef and brown bread before and chicken carcasses when we're back , also use replace juice mixed with their food the stuff they use for racing greyhounds if it's going to be a hard day or night
  10. Boilies fella sticky baits Manila 16 mm
  11. After a break from fishing for a few months with the kids being of school, DIY jobs and other commitments, I finally got out for a 24hr session on a local water, managed 2 fish with this 20lb 8oz mirror being the biggest
  12. Never shit on your own doorstep
  13. Very nice , here is mine out of same litter at 7 months, 24tts Shes looking fantastic fella
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