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  1. Pairing up

    Fairplay. They seem hard pushed to ground here. Sods law, all dogs laid up and we had HEAVY rain last night and this morning, would have been ideal.
  2. ruminations and ramblings

    I agree, i wouldnt myself. But theyre of the opinion it is doing them favours, ive seen them work and by the time theyre normal starting age theyve gained lots of experience and working a treat. I suppose theres no set age but better later than too early.
  3. ruminations and ramblings

    Id say it is for most lines. Not seen many terriers mature at that age but theyre doing the business. Who am i to argue with them.
  4. Mid Sized Van

    Really? Never known anyone complain about the old shape. Nissan vauxhall or renault.
  5. ruminations and ramblings

    I myself have always held back till 15month+ but know a good handful of lads who enter from 8 month old. Call it daft, but its there line of dogs which they know well and the proof is in the pudding, majority of the dogs are flying. I think on the french digging thread it was mentioned they enter early too.
  6. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    Why would you say bull type if the said dog had no association with bull blood as you say? Doesnt make sense.
  7. Mid Sized Van

    Tranny van 😁. Or the renault trafics drive well.
  8. Getting fed up

    https://youtube/sDsaOh6etrg Decent place to live if you keep a lurcher or 3!😂
  9. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    No, could have been black lab for all anyone knows. You dont have to listen to it but id say bull is a very educated assumption.
  10. Getting fed up

    Where you living now? Im from nw and moved to ireland. More rabbits in nw. Get yourself in cumbria plenty about.
  11. Collie/Grey x Whippet

    Do many of the 1/2 collies make decent fox dogs or is more grey preferred?
  12. Collie/Grey x Whippet

    How much collie did you lads find to be the right amount in a collie grey, before the ban. when you wanted a dog to do fox hare and rabbit day or night.
  13. Pups

    The rough haired dog is a nice stamp. Hows he bred?
  14. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    I agree what your saying but do you really think buck and breay where the only people to infuse bull in the fifties and produce black dogs? Naive to think so. Jmo
  15. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    Your only known if you let yourself be known. Plenty of lads across the north would have been doing the same but wouldnt be portraying themselves to be big breeders like breay or nuttall. These small time breeders in numerous backyards in small circles of local people will vastly outweigh the volume of dogs that buck and breay could have ever produce.