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    Couple of hours not wasted then. Worth taking the pictures as they bring back the memories 👍
  2. They should be made to pay

    I dont agree with farming for fur tbh, but the difference is i aint gunna force my opinion on anyone.
  3. Live boxing on tv now

    How i expected it to go. Eubank always looked good but never looked a class act.
  4. Judge isnt of sound judgement taking issue with a legal pursuit. They deserve getting lifted though, driving with no insurance, no excuse.
  5. Live boxing on tv now

    Groves mid fight stoppage. Eubank never been tested, and groves has a cracking back hand. Either way itll be a good scrap as they both always produces exciting bouts.
  6. Cleaning advise

    Personally, i cant understand why lads need antibiotics. If you clean the dog out properly, they wont get infected. Never used them myself.
  7. Cleaning advise

    Clean it properly, guarantee your not cleaning it thoroughly enough.
  8. Realistically never gunna happen. The only way to keep the sport alive is to carry on with it. God help anyone trying to stop us.
  9. Lamping with taffy

    Very nice type. Hows the dog bred?
  10. Bedlingtons

    Hows a jagdterrier not a terrier? May have hound in it but its very terrier like.
  11. Bedlingtons

    Its called a bedlington terrier. Was used for earthwork so id say so.
  12. Knowing the right time

    Had a terrier start collapsing on walks and going into fits last year. That was the time to let her go. She would piss in the house and hide because she knew it was wrong but couldnt help it. Not worth watching. I agree with doing it whilst the dog has some dignity.
  13. Season finished

    A lot of the old school would kill what they dug, a good few in eire did also, as they were so plentiful. But thankfully its the norm to let them run now.
  14. I like the smell 😁. I use bleach, does the job.
  15. REscue

    Some earth haha. Fairplay to the lads