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  1. Soft Jaw foot traps

    The snare is designed to hold the fox until it can be dispatched humanely. When a fox stops struggling the tension on the snare relaxes, once it moves again, tension is taken up, so a fox shouldn’t be able to get free.
  2. Congratulations Tom Daley

    I work with a lass who’s a lesbian and shacked up with her partner. They have a child, her partner gave birth. Talking to her, she’s a vegan, her partner isn’t. When she’s looking after the child, it’s a vegan, when her partner is, the child eats normally! Wtf!
  3. Labour Party Animal Welfare Plan

    Reads like it’s been knocked together by a youngster sat in the middle of London. They have no idea 🤔😡
  4. Harris hawk "lost"

    Just heard another HH has been seen flying free near Carlecotes, not far from Holmfirth with jesses attached. It’s on the Holmfirth fb page apparently
  5. Lost terrier

    Just seen this...no 🙁
  6. Todhunter and the fox

    Ask mr pit 👍
  7. AA TX200 HC (Swap/Part ex)

    Great rifles 👍
  8. Big vixen

    That’s a big vixen. Bet she was hard to mate with for the dog foxes 🦊
  9. Had a call out last week and visited a farm I go on two nights running. First night this thick necked dog fox paid the penalty and the next evening this vixen was dropped behind the calf pens. .22 Hornet, factory load, both around 70 yds.
  10. HELP WITH WOODCOCK pin feathers

    Got one the same from the only one I’ve shot 👍
  11. Foxes

    Spotted these two in my sisters garden earlier, a dog and vixen tied. He pulled her up the garden and behind the shed when he saw us watching
  12. Girls

    Just been reading that the walk-on girls they have at darts have been dropped. What next, cheerleaders? All women will be wearing burkas soon!
  13. For Educational Purposes!

    Just the way to control them, what with all the folk around and terriers .
  14. BANNED ..

    The moor will become a desert full of vermin and riddled with bracken. Wave goodbye to Curlew, plover, pipits and efficient moorland management. Let’s see how long it takes 🙁
  15. A few random pics

    Think I was there for the middle one. Jt meet?