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  1. A message from Gnasher.

    The Hammers are my second team πŸ‘
  2. A message from Gnasher.

    That’s funny πŸ˜„
  3. Newborn lambs

    I recall getting a bollocking from a farmer when hounds ran through his sheep in November one year. I visited him later to apologise and asked about the sheep. I’m sure he said they were Norfolk’s and drop lambs much earlier than others πŸ‘
  4. General

    Ive a cottage up that way you can use for free. The field behind is loaded with quarry and my mates got a good lurcher thats catching 20-30 a night that he wants rid of cos it farts a lot. PM me..πŸ˜„ great post πŸ‘
  5. Getting Scratches Off Glasses Lens

    Yes, used that when I worked in the glass trade. Used it to get rid of scratches etc. Add a small amount of water to the powder and rub into the scratch with a small pointed piece of wood, shaped like a pencil. Didnt always work but more often it did πŸ‘
  6. Got Your Funeral Tracks Chosen?

    f**k all, as I wont be hearing it. Chuck whats left in the bin on the way out
  7. Never Underestimate.....

    Nice little calibre the .22LR. Very accurate at shorter ranges, good shooting. Leave her out...you might get a dog fox looking for her. Ive put them on top of traps in the past and caught a dog 🦊
  8. Expectant Mother?

    Aye, the Mail is full of it today. Dont mention the word obesity around children because youll send them off on one, that Paloma Blanca bird saying shes bringing her kids up gender neutral, and 50 children a week are being referred to sex change clinics 😲 Conkers anyone?
  9. N-Mistrust

    Today, the motion was just about defeated with staunch support from the CA and sensible National Trust members. This will be revisited in three years so we must be on our guard and stick together. If you are a member, thanks for any vote and support for trail hunting on NT land to continue. The antis led a campaign full of mistruths and bullshit! πŸ‘
  10. Gogglebox

    First series was ok now its the same old shit and the people being filmed are playing to the camera plus theyve all had new sofas and had their houses decorated!
  11. He has my full support and Id have done the same. This is the way its going to go with these sabs and its about time they got sorted out. Well done sir
  12. Nelly Uproar

  13. Southport

    I like Southport, we have a day there every year. In winter I drive out to arrive just as the geese and wildfowl are arriving, and thats a sight and sound to see.
  14. Natural History Museum

    No chance now Hugh Hefners there πŸ‘
  15. Some great long shots there. Good clip