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  1. Wanted Rat Smoker

    Wanted Rat Smoker View Advert Has anyone got a Rat smoker for sale, I need one for this weekend and won't have time to make one myself cheers chaps Advertiser busterbuster1969 Date 20/01/18 Price Category Other Fieldsports Equipment  
  2. Wanted Rat Smoker


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    Has anyone got a Rat smoker for sale, I need one for this weekend and won't have time to make one myself cheers chaps


  3. Wanted Rat smoker, has anyone got one for sale ?

  4. Bellman and Flint

    Old pipes box for me, small, fits in your pocket and reliable, I don't like the red brick, to big and bulky .
  5. Haha thanks, will you be my friend lol, seriously though I can't find them on here, I had a least 3 friends lol

    1. ferretess


      lol your welcome  think they all disappeared when they changed the site lol I have no friends :icon_eek:

  6. Hi Ian, how do you access your friends list with this new set up mate ?

  7. Where's my friends list Gone ? Help please 

    1. ferretess


      you've lost all your pals lol 


  8. Sportdog Gps Trackers

    Okay had the collars on my dogs now for about 8 months and had no trouble at all.. never had a situation where I can track the dogs and now I've had the tracker I really wouldn't want to be without it Recommend .... most defiantly... Sportdog Tek 01
  9. Bushing Terrier

    Thanks Chaps
  10. Bushing Terrier

    Out today for a spot of bushing with the Terriers
  11. Air Arms S410 Classic

    That's a really good price, gutted as so far away, I'd have that if it wasn't so far Deakin, you don't ever get down this way do you ?
  12. Air Arms S410 Classic

    Carbine or classic ? How old ? Can you email some pics please mate.. stevepjh@aol.com cheers
  13. Black And Tan

    Buster. A beautiful animal. Haven't seen one like that in the flesh for a long while. Really like that type. Cheers mate
  14. Black And Tan

    My Black and Tan bred with Kirsty's Dads old dog and my old Bitch
  15. Dog Trace Locator

    I've never heard of it ? Any links chap ?