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  1. 2 ops and have the all clear give some dogs to friends thay offered them back can't do that

  2. It's not called vercon its called total farmers disenfectan
  3. The solution that thay used when when foot and mouth was about the one you dip your Welles in you get it farmer markets
  4. only went to see the wife and they cept me in with à lung infection home to mor I hope you know your friends can't do enough for me thanks boys
  5. it will start to take your dogs on as it gets older yer y can stop im on wist but thats not me ihave one with me hunts well to fast for me forev stoping im
  6. I feel a retàrd

    1. nothernlite


      Do they feel the same as everyone else ?

  7. take your dog for a walk it won't be so upsetting

    1. walshie


      I can't yet as walking round with a smile this size will make me look retarded. lol

  8. you must be from planet zonk or know shit all about dogs
  9. berry the ferret box in the hole you enter it in some were for it to go and may stay till you come back
  10. with my thumstik i poke a hole in the brambles then slide the locator bag down the stik to the berry do 5or 6 or till y happy
  11. were do you get back stabers from chis most off the boys are a good set and will help you if you are in the shit there is a bit banter yes but thats it do not tar us all with the same brush boys were shown about the yard 2 year back not saying its the same ones but it smells reember my bitch i lost to grownd well thay were all there
  12. farmer s total disafectant not saying it will do the job but its good stuff allways use it goggle it you will b surprised
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