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  1. I’ve just bought the xq38 cracking bit of kit
  2. Nothing better than a new pup
  3. Hi, how much is the unit please?
  4. 2504


    Is anyone using staffies for bushing? I’ve just got a pup and just wondering if it’s worth bringing it on,
  5. Lol I wish, what do you recommend
  6. Is anyone using thermal cameras while out with there lurcher? If so what are they using I’m looking at the flier 2 640x any help appreciated
  7. Is anyone using one of these for lurcher? How are they I’ve just bought one when I’ve turned the receiver unit on for the reciver I’ve got to select the default for the dog pointing dog or training dog or none which one have people used? Thanks in advance
  8. 2504


    Oils etc? Thanks tony
  9. 2504


    When feeding raw what vitamins and minerals do people add to the meat.?
  10. I had one about 6 years ago she was a real handy bitch around an hole but lacked a gear;
  11. I was thinking about getting the mini collar
  12. what gps are people using on there lurchers? I’m looking at the Astro 430 at the moment but not sure what collars to get the reg or the mini any info or advice would be great thanks
  13. Which is the best hound locators? Also does anyone know where the best place to get them are? Hope you can help thanks Tony
  14. Thanks will ring the vet thanks
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