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  1. 2504

    Barnesmore whippets

    Ireland there from
  2. Does any body know this kennel or work any of there dogs? Are they just show stuff or are they good in the field?
  3. 2504

    Lost dog

    Fingers crossed for you, hope it turns up soon
  4. 2504

    First fox

    Get on!!!
  5. 2504


    Gutted for your pal
  6. 2504

    Crazy Lady!

    Shit hounds and shit houses
  7. 2504

    Springer Pup Wanted

    My pals got a cracking litter on send me your number and I'll send you the pups pedigree, there 8 weeks this Friday he's in Halifax,
  8. 2504

    Missing Lurcher Bitch

    I'm in Dalby forest Sunday I'll keep my eyes open pal,
  9. 2504

    Stolen Saluki Uk

    I hope everything ends well, hope the scum get what they deserve makes me sick,
  10. 2504

    Wheaten Cross

    Shaddy I really like the look of the dog in the pic,
  11. 2504

    Is There Any Need?

    Yes that's what the vet. Said,
  12. My pups had its 8 and 10 week injections is there any need for one at 15 weeks or is this just a way for the vet to make more money?
  13. See you Friday thanks,