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  1. Still use it, absolutely no issues.
  2. Last pic until lamping season,, hopefully some dead quarry will be in picture as well.
  3. I have found the sportdog one to be excellent bit pricey compared to some but I have it nearly 6yrs now. You can set sensitivity and stim level, so can stop whining as well as barking.. The whining is worst, and big bones only work periodically.
  4. Jade learning the ropes from Willie, got to start somewhere
  5. Jade now 18mth 29" to shoulder, couple bunnies under her belt, next season will tell the tale..
  6. I used to have Tracer 22amp and couldnt fault it,,,gave it to mate and he had it for couple years, but for some mad reason I bought Hunters Choice one on Ebay. I didnt do much lamping so wasnt abused and stopped working complete dung, plus friend bought one same time as me and he had exact same problem, attempting to see if I can open case with Ebay at the moment... In other words from my experience I will not be recommending Hunters Choice Lithium battery nor will I be purchasing one again.
  7. will do, she will be getting stock broke very shortly, I've found earlier you do it the easier it is.
  8. Jade no 13 weeks, nice temperament and looks well (if I say so myself), jury still out for long time to see how useful she will be.
  9. Could be wrong but is it not that if you are "Intentionally hunting the hare you are breaking the law. So if you were hill walking with your rescue lurcher and he accidentally took off and as long as you are seen to be attempting, to curtail such an event, if there were any bystanders then you are probably at worst guilty of not having the dog under control. Talking from experience of an incident few years back with myself and the law ending up in court, all charges dropped.
  10. Shes here now and if nothing else it will satisfy my curiosity.... we had one wolfhound bitch and she was as hard as any lurcher and power to kill any animal from a burrow maybe she was a fluke but honestly dont think many if any owners of wolfhounds graft any of them even on hares or rabbits. Only we actually gave them a bit of work when we had them I would find it hard to commit to such a line of lurcher. I have had and seen many a bull, collie, deerhound, wheaton, cross all jack at fox although the probability/percentage factor taken into account would def favour the Wheaton
  11. Yes, rest had more of a wolfhound confirmation to them as in very long and flat backed, thicker set front shoulders with strong head. I would normally pick racy pup from a heavy type straight cross litter or heavy pup from 3/4 litter just my preference.
  12. Couple better pics, Jade I took finest pup in litter some took a lot to wolfhound.
  13. no panic ,,,just not as funny now though..
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