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  1. pollypocket

    Tips on breaking hounds off Deer

    Sound advice,, thanks. At least it's logical, same method I use when breaking them to sheep.
  2. pollypocket

    Tips on breaking hounds off Deer

    No luxury of whipper in, guns or lurchers, I had contemplated using shock collar and take hounds lamping then shock when they open up on lamped deer, but cautious if it would affect dogs attitude to hunting fox.
  3. Just wondering if any tried and tested methods to stop hounds hunting Deer.. I would give twice the Hunting ground if I could stop them..
  4. pollypocket

    Fell terrier cross

    The brothers bitch father is patterdale and dam is full whippet about 5mths.. Should be interesting to see how it works out. Def plenty of character.
  5. pollypocket

    Hound Pack Pictures

    The 2bitchs that are beside each other, their dam is foxhound/Welsh and father would be mainly Welsh with harrier coming through from his mother's side..the grand father would be dog in my profile picture... while the dog is out of a half sister to dog in profile picture back to a fell hound..
  6. pollypocket

    Hound Pack Pictures

    Not sure if 3 count as a pack, but here is what I have. 3 Welsh cross hounds all under 2 and entered well.
  7. pollypocket

    Beagle Dog Or Bitch Wanted

    Lamp Deer and take hound in with shock collar on and as soon as she follows the line and opens up shock her... Worked for mine that way you know that you are shocking them appropriately . Good luck
  8. pollypocket

    Sportdog Gps Trackers

    British dog .co.uk Are cheapest and very good to deal with,, cheaper than buying direct of sportdog even.
  9. pollypocket

    Sportdog Gps Trackers

    I've had Tek 1.0for while, and has worked everywhere that Garmin has no complaints.
  10. pollypocket

    Old Sayings

    Away and lick your elbow..
  11. pollypocket

    Dog Names

  12. pollypocket

    Anyone Working This Cross

    I had one real nice animal to work but came a cropper before reaching his full potential.
  13. pollypocket

    Tek 1.0 Collar Pairing..any Help..

    Just off phone to sportdog...and different frequencies are used between American and European version of the Tek 1.0. yet I can buy and ship American ones in cheaper..bit unusual but I'll go with it.. Plus British dog have offered full refund on collar I bought from them..both were very helpful..
  14. I bought Tek 1.0 on eBay from private seller..cheap at over half the price.. although it works perfectly,,,I tried adding another collar,,but can't get it to pair at all,,, I believe that one I bought may have been an American import and thus have different frequencies than British collar's.. Does anyone know if this is the case. As I can send this collar back and import another from America.. Thanks in advance for any help..
  15. pollypocket

    Whats The Best Boot

    I would recommend altberg defenders.. comfortable and haven't let water in yet..and they are worn regular, when trying to keep up with hounds..plus it won't Rob the bank to get them. Although looking after them is more work than gortex type boots..