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  1. As a lot of us are aware this year has seen a drop in numbers for the ferreter. So its sods law that i have picked up 2 new permissions today and yesterday just as we are coming to the end of the season. One is a 5 acre paddock with 3 good active warrens on it and the digging will be ok, it is also surrounded by land so further opportunities are very possible once i am noticed. The other is a plant nursery with a huge wooded bank that is like the london underground, this could be a very productive perm by this seasons standards but the digging will be most unfavourable. I will work them hard into march(until it becomes unbearable) to show i am serious and leave a good impression and then lamp with the air rifle(nothing bigger is suitable) periodically to keep my foot in the door. Why couldn't this happen in october
  2. Favourite Sunday roast

    Let of Lamb or rib of beef. Can’t decide
  3. Why cant we have a woman like this

    Top bird
  4. A very polite rejection

    Better if you use a shotgun
  5. Congratulations Tom Daley

    Agreed, please yourself but nature dictates on this matter
  6. Congratulations Tom Daley

    It’s just wrong
  7. Alabama rot

    There was a case in the last month where I walk my dogs, right near my house, very worrying
  8. Boat trip

    The ‘Blue fin’ from ilfracombe is a good boat and good skipper
  9. Holidays next year.

    You definitely won’t get in then look it up, an odd door policy, no set rules, wether they like the look of you, your style, attitude etc. Goes against my grain going to a place with that sentiment but the music is excellent!! FWIW I’ve tried 3 times and got in once
  10. Holidays next year.

    Berghain, IF they'll let you in
  11. Ferrets

    As FF says, wish you were closer
  12. Cheddar Man

    I can’t believe I’ve been talking to a bunch of spades
  13. Hob vasectomy cost???

    I dont know about that, hunting and shagging, cant be that bad
  14. Hob vasectomy cost???

    Hello All, So how much did you pay last time your had one done? and when and where was it? I was quoted an eye watering £280.00 yesterday, you can imagine my reply... My usual vet wants £90.00 which seems fair to me, just thought id look about first Cheers
  15. Holidays next year.

    Cornwall(every year), Italy for a wedding & the beautiful highlands towards christmas(nov ish)