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Scottish consultation on hunting with dogs

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It always amazes me. All of the dark and horrible stuff happening in the world, all of the ways our planet and society are falling apart ........ and folk are passionately worried about people chasing

I have faith we are going to have abit of a reset in this country at some stage. We carnt keep going down this road of pandering to the kinda snowflake and woke way of looking at everything. Where u c

Snp and green party going to f..k a way of life in scotland  there c**ts 

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On 25/02/2022 at 17:21, omegathelast said:

Sadly, as suspected and warned, the Scottish Government have published the draft legislation which would make ALL lurcher work illegal north of the border. They are adding rabbits to the ban, alongside restricting fox hunting severely. 

This is complete insanity an against our God given rights,we can't hunt rabbits with a dog ffs this is madness,therefore we can't feed ourselves either,ffs thsts crazy,same shite over here.

If we all don't come together somehow,north south east west were going to be left with nothing,an our children will have nothing,

The vermin has overtaken Ireland an were in a free fall,our great Irish traditions been wiped out an there coming from the lot.

How did we ever let these eco extremist get to this point? 


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On 27/04/2022 at 21:38, Black neck said:

This amendment has bin passed and is now law I think ,could be wrong has happened before 

Anyone know

I now a dog called Cesar never had the memo two days ago but I'll be sure to pass it on lol

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