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do not panic there is no fuel left ffs

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Social media driven and attracted the same toilet roll bread hoarders who don’t work  while all the nurses doctors home help carers and other services get fkd over by the Twitter wankers 


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No different to when living in Wales, get a snow flurry and milk and bread vapourised off the shelves, I think part of the problem is we generally lack preparedness , thankfully community around me has come together during covid. Obviously there's also the mob panic mentality, God knows what would happen if things went seriously wrong over a long period. As well as capitalism leading us to believe we can't survive without 100s of products... 

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I can remember prebrexit them saying they'd be no abattoir vets as they were all Bulgarian Porto etc, so what happened there then? How long does it take to train as a tanker driver? Surely there's a good few in the pipeline, I saw a chap under training at a fuel garage about a month ago. The industry is responsible in my view, and should be penalised accordingly, maybe compulsory training scheme at a cost to board members for adversely affecting the economy in their incompetence......

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Transport has been a zero sum game for way too long, the margins are f***ing terrible and cost of regulation extortionate.

It all worked when we a little part of huge great club and it worked at the expense of British people and British industry.

Now we have to stand up and be big boys, the tax like f**k, keep things cheap model don’t seem to be working.

Don’t import a load of oddments, reduce the tax burden so that people can afford to pay the proper price for food, we can pay transport the proper wages so that they can actually earn money and it makes doing the job worth while.

Im guessing lorry drivers do a load of overtime, well, the amount of lads who have said to me in the last 10 years “It ain’t worth me doing overtime, tax man nicks it” is incredible !!

Let people earn money and keep it and they will earn money, crisis averted !

Or you could just import a load of foreigners and put a sticking plaster over the same broken model we have been doing.

Britian needs this type of pain, in fact it needs a lot more.


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Going by the fat c@nts I see every time I have the misfortune to have to go into a supermarket this country needs some serious fuel and food rationing, majority of this fckn country need to move more and eat fckn less, we're becoming a country of lazy fat bast@rds like the yanks

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