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Veiw from your office

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Leaving home for the office View from the office. Closer view from the office.....they are farmed deer.... The office. Planting new trees and re-establishing old lines

Beautiful day this morning. Cheers Arry

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Second room dug out, there’s a lot of gear come out, I’ve just seen the plans for it and it’s a million quid build, a 3 phase development, phase 3 includes a pool, no idea how he’s got planning on national trust for that, I bet a few brown envelopes have changed hands, anyway should be a fair bit of work here for me, sub floors first then services and treatment plant 👍




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16 minutes ago, Daniel cain said:

what's the story there mate?

Apparently a 9-10 year old lad went up to a lady in the park and said his mate was stuck in the mud. Tide was coming in so she done the right thing ringing Emergency services. There still searching now Helicopter the lot but can’t trace the lad who reported it and no missing person reported so could be just a hoax 

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15 minutes ago, Daniel cain said:

bag of sand short for the last metre🙈


:icon_eek: Nope. Sorry. Not happening. Not on My fukking watch!

I'd Have To have that fukking sand, if it mean't taking a taxi to the other side of town for it!

I wouldn't be able to sleep, leaving that annoying bit undone! 😬

(I'm just like that. It'd eat into my soul)



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