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New Ferret locator being tested…

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I've never said I'm making a new ferret finder, those that I've spoken to have always been told "we"  There's 3 of us in this project and always has been from day one. Cloning a Mk1 locator isn't

I cant say anything about final prices but the other two guys involved have been told from day one, we ain't doing this and taking the piss on the price. Money is not the motivation behind this for me

Les makes all his carry boxes himself,, rigs all his long nets also ,, if and it's very rarely he needs a few purse nets to up his stock then he only goes to trusted net makers ..   

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Just out of interest does anyone know if it would be available in Australia and the price of them. Don’t think any less of me but being ferreting of and on for years and never used or even seen one in Australia. Most of the ground we ferret on is quite hard and rocky where you would need a backhoe to dig. So far being very lucky and not lost a ferret yet. Have being held up from time to time but not long. I think it is time to start using them. 

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1 hour ago, Wideboy said:

Yeah, this mk3m of mine is way out on distance but puts you right above the ferret. I’d throw it in the bin if a new one comes out. Shame no one can recalibrate the mk3m 

Deben are still fixing Mk3 Boxes or they was, fixed mine in Feb this year 

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Somebody on ebay selling new MK1 boxes £155. Sold by KLM  zytecsystems. Pictures of the insides looks the same as old MK1's reckon they might had bought the rights of Deben's or the Patent has run out.

Cheers Arry

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I bought one from Jim chick years ago and as he said it’ll cut out ( bleeping) when you get nearer the collar, it did at 10” and was a right feckin pain… if these pick up inches away from the collar then I’ll buy one.

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