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  1. I didn't mean it and it was a very shit thing for me to say! I was just hurt and angry by some of the replys that made me feel even worse than I already did! That day when I had to come home and leave my ferret out not knowing her fate was horrendous, If I could have dug 16ft I would have been doing it, not asking for advice on here, It was a new place to ferret and I want be repeating it.
  2. She's covered in ticks and got fleas! Never had fleas on a ferret before, but not thin to say she's been out for a week, but I had left ferret biscuits down for her. Still smiling. Thank you to all that gave me advice leaving my box, don't give up etc and to all the haters thinking I'm a heartless bitch I hope this happens to all oh no thats because you've all dug down 16ft trenches so you've all got experience and will be fine!
  3. No collar, Taught me to go to the next hole when putting them on
  4. Best news ever! Girl at stables checked where I left her box and she was sat at the side of it waiting! No collar but just so happy to get her back. Best feeling in the world!
  5. No sight of her and for you lot that are saying I should give up the game! you don't know me! I didn't just think sod it, it's just a ferret and walk a way, I dug down to five foot in desperation, and it wasn't at all easy to dig! and thought what the chuff am I doing! I'd never dig to 16ft. Sat there for hours wondering what to do, hoping she may appear. The warrens are located under trees and then raises up a steep bank, the locator was picking up the 16ft on the bank. I did look into hiring a mini digger but then I would have needed somebody to operate the digger and the owners of the horses would not have appreciated me digging that size of that hole in their horse paddock! the idea of me ferreting was to stop holes. I'll have to live with the fact my ferret may have been stuck down that hole 16ft down and I couldn't get her but I know I don't put the collars on tight enough, so I think it's the collar down there and she is somewhere, but you lot who say I needed to have dug need to get a tape measure out and see how far 16ft is!
  6. Right been back today, locator picking up the exactly the same spot no movement! So best scenario it's just the collar or worst she's dead. I have called down the holes, all around the immediate area. Set up a box and getting a squirrel trap tomorrow. One of the stable girls said she was sure she saw something white moving in the corner of her eye whilst she was in the field with the horses, all girls on the lookout and post on Facebook Group for that area. Now I have to wait and hope she's not dead, I'm not arsed about the collar and defiantly not digging that far for it. Fingers crossed only been ferreting six years and she was my first ferret off a mate to get me started and this is the first time I've come home without a member of the team!
  7. I remember reading about that!
  8. If she's still in the same spot tomorrow, I will be looking for volunteers to help dig, so anybody local to Bradford Haha, I'll not sleep if I just leave her, fingers crossed she's moved
  9. Went out today and one of my ferrets is trapped I think behind a rabbit (guessing) over 16ft down! There was a lot of going back and forth same area 16ft to 12ft for ages then shes stopped still. We tried to dig down but the ground is horrendous and we could never have dug to 16ft don't even know why we tried. I couldn''t block the holes up there are loads of them! So I have left my fleece, and had to come home, girl at stables has just checked with the locator and she's still in the same place three hours later! Hoping she's asleep not dead. Going back tomorrow, just wanting reassurance really has anybody else had this and what happened? Proper gutted she's a fantastic worker, never stays with them if she kills so she must be stuck,
  10. I was ordering from Yorkshire raw feeds, but I ordered stuff from the website but when delivered they are run out of certain things and was starting to all defrost, did my head in, so I now get my raw from Durham Animal Feeds, but my friend has got stuff from MC Kennel supplies and is well impressed with the price he paid and the quality
  11. Going to be trying these end of month stocked up already this month, heard some very good reviews about the quality of the meat!!
  12. Just had a look on gonetoground they are a lot cheaper than what I've paid in the past!
  13. I'll be interested to see the comments here, I've walked a couple of hounds for the hunt, first was a nightmare nose down off, but the second was showing real promise as a bushing dog for the Lurchers getting right into cover, never strayed too far, even took him out ferreting and he was brilliant and good for marking, could have been a real asset but obviously had to go back to the pack where he is doing well so I'll have to wait till he retires to have him back.
  14. Loved my raving days in the 90's, worked all week, then be off my face all weekend, we went to Eclipse, Coventry and did all the Fantastia Events. No wonder I'm not right in my head these days
  15. Does anybody know the treatment for this? there is Panacur Paste for rabbits or dogs,cats,puppies,kittens but nothing for Ferrets
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