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  1. Jok, your boxes are made with pride, that's plain to see. Folk who have that attitude towards their work will always produce better quality than those that only have an interest in the ££ note.
  2. Get an old jacket and remove the buttons and anything else than could snag on your net. Use the arm or leg out of an old bit of clothing to make a quiver to hold your pegs, use the rest of the garment to make a pouch to store your net and sew it into your jacket. Job done.
  3. Thanks Arry, I make them out of marine ply as well. light as a feather, you dont even know they're on your back. I want to make myself a marine ply box for Christmas, just got to convince her indoors she has to pay for it.
  4. I've not posted on here for ages, Ive been busy as ever and added a bit more to my workload. Here's some of the ferret boxes I've been making.
  5. We are all different, I personally prefer my style of basket, the medium one is my go to basket when i'm out on my own. I've made quite a few other types of baskets over the years, some were good, some bad. I made a few identical to the master hunter basket, it works better than the standard baskets but I didnt get on with them and gave them away to an old boy down wiltshire way. With regards to the netting, to me its the most important part. I've had my nets made with quality nylon, plus a few other tweaks, makes it soft as silk and ive added a little more depth than the standard gear others use.
  6. Back is still f*cked, on permanent pain killers etc which are knocking the shite out of me but hey ho could be worse. I dont know how folk get on with an 8z or 10z longnet, 6z gets a tad heavy if your running about with a fully loaded basket. imagine picking up a wet 100 yard 10z traditional longnet
  7. I have tried a few methods to overcome this issue arry, a harness or hip pad is the best way to go IMO.
  8. NELS0N

    sportsman's net

    Thanks Arry, always a pleasure to deal with good folk like yourself. ATB, Les
  9. NELS0N

    sportsman's net

    I'm far from being back to full health and wondering if I ever will be at this rate, things could of been much worse so I count myself lucky.
  10. NELS0N

    sportsman's net

    Thats one of the pitfalls of providing a quality product, eventually your at capacity but the work still keeps coming. I do everything myself, I have zero help with anything at all, im up until the early hours every day welding, rigging, wrapping, booking couriers and trying to keep on top of things but sometimes it gets too much for one man. Between all that I have to squeeze in some enjoyment, I couldn't call myself a longnetter if I didnt get out and do a bit with the webs. Unfortunately I only manged a few trips last season before a bad car crash ruined my back and put a stop to everything, including rigging nets. The new season is almost upon us and i'm very much looking forward to it. its going to be interesting thats for sure
  11. NELS0N


    Always got my eye on a few drops no matter the time of year, only managed one or 2 last season before my car crash left me back fuxxked and walking like Quasimodo!
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