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  1. NELS0N

    Best quicksets these days.

    Aye Joe, best design by far are these Cumbrian baskets
  2. NELS0N

    Purse nets

    Bill is a true gent and makes a cracking net.
  3. NELS0N

    Sheet Netting Nylon 10-12Oz

    Did you get sorted for the 10z sheet netting Vin???
  4. NELS0N

    Longnet Poles

    I sell mine for £2.60p each with grommets and caps fitted.
  5. NELS0N


    Sorry guys, been away for a few weeks. All PM's replied to.
  6. NELS0N

    Alloy Wheel Cleaner.

    Basotect acoustic foam is perfect for cleaning alloy wheels
  7. NELS0N

    Long Nets For Sale

    I rarely advertise on eBay nowadays, word of mouth keeps me busy enough.
  8. NELS0N

    Long Net Poles

    Hazel pegs all day long for a traditional net, plentiful and free. Now's the time to get some cut as the sap is drawing down. I cut mine 24" this allows a little for pointing and rounding off the ends to save your quicks and make pushing into the ground a little more comfortable. I prefer my pegs a little thinner than most, ideally the thickness of my forefinger but its personal preference. If you rigging up a quickset net then fibreglass poles with proper grommets is what you'll be wanting, make sure you get caps on the end. those splinters are irritating little buggers. If you need any Fibreglass poles drop me a PM. Les
  9. NELS0N

    Longnets The Pros And Cons

    TC Ive still got a few yards of that 4" mesh stuff from Chris myself . ive just finished rigged a 25 yard trammel up with it as the 4z sheets ive had made are 41/4" As for the quality of nylon nowadays, it is like night and day, horrible stuff blended with recycled crap and full of bonding. Hence i've had my own sheets made, like the stuff of old, soft as silk. My choice of weapon for a longnet is 4z, I want to catch rabbits first and foremost and the 4z is the best tool for the job. ANY NET will pick up debris but these heavy nylon nets will not catch anywhere near as good as a well rigged, well placed 4z, be that traditional or quickset.
  10. NELS0N

    Ferreting Using Rubbish Nets,......

    There's Pro's and Cons for almost every material we use for purse nets, I doubt you'll find a better material than a light z twisted twine for pursing up a rabbit on clean sets, you would struggle to beat a small braided nylon net in thick blackthorn. If i didnt have the time or Patience for knitting a net from scratch then a sheet of 10z nylon with a minimum 41/4" full mesh would be my go to for filling my net bag quickly, they'll see you right for years to come. Knitting from scratch would be braided nylon if you dont mind double knotting, single then id be going for a quality 20/24 spun poly from engles. I wouldnt touch spun nylon nowadays purely on a cost factor. Plenty of things to think about when choosing your purse net IMO
  11. NELS0N

    20/12 Spun Poly Single Or Double Strand ?

    As smithie has already said, 20/12 doubled up will be quite weighty. Ive found the 20/12 fine knitted single. I use a 41/2" full mesh on the 20/12 @ 15 deep plus selvages.
  12. NELS0N

    Work In Progress

    Splicing depends on the how tight your braid is. Some braided nylons are so tight its almost impossible to splice.
  13. NELS0N

    Work In Progress

    As far as splicing goes, I prefer sewing lines. They do not come apart at the most inconvenient moment and truth be told take no longer to do than a splice. This one was done about 30 years ago and still going strong, more than can be said of the net that looks like Joseph's coat. . Back to the first question. Once the body of the net is finished, I am afraid there is no other way than to thread a line through one edge of the net. Once that has been done the net can then be placed on a pole to add the selvedges. You can then knit the first selvedge, to save yourself having to thread a line through the selvedge again if you have a small hole drilled in your mesh board you can add a line and thread the selvedge as you knit. Once you have your first selvedges knitted you simply turn the net around and put the selvedges on the pole and just repeat the same process for the second selvedge. The twine I used for the selvedges on that net was purse net spun polyester, the advantages of using the thicker twine is two fold, first it helps the net to sit better on the lines. Because the net is knitted length ways and it set up when in use the same way all the knots are horizontal causing the net to want to lay out the way it was knitted, the selvedge helps negate that effect and causes the meshes to open up. Although I have never had a problem with selvedges wearing, the thicker twine will all but cut any wear out that may or may not happen. TC Also notice how Tiercel is knitting his selvage mesh, he is about 5mm off square to the board, this will allow the selvage mesh to flow off the board onto a line so your threading your net as you knit. Les
  14. NELS0N

    Game Carriers?

    Blue pocket rocket (BPR). I remember he threw a right hissy fit when someone else started making paracord game carriers and copied his knot. Lol. Lol it wasnt BPR's knot, soldiers have been using that knot for years.
  15. NELS0N

    Long Nets Arrived - Very Happy!

    Your very welcome Doug, Enjoy your season.