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Hi, I’m John neice, I’ve just had this link sent to me by someone that knew my uncle.which may I add( thank you soo much) . words can’t describe how we’re feeling right now, but all your lovely commen

Having grown up with John he was a lifelong family friend, was best man at my Brothers wedding and a work colleague to myself for the last few years. As young kids our little gang spent god knows how

Walshie,  Can you change the comp title on here mate .. From now on its the "JohnnyBoy charity Fishing match"....  

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So I’ve not been on here for a while but thought it would be only right to pop back in to say how gutted I was to hear this news yesterday. Still managed a good laugh on Facebook with Johnny like the good old days on here. Glad to say I managed to meet the man face to face and a proper laugh was had. R.I.P mate.

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18 hours ago, Born Hunter said:

I didn’t have anything to do with him really but the sentiment being shown in this thread is a clear testament to the man.

And that’s all I need to know.

As above , what a sad day for all his friends and family ..my condolences to them all ..another good countryman lost .RIP ...

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On 31/05/2021 at 09:33, sid g said:

i remember being away n johns mrs rang to say he`d left home without his teeth i dont need em he says weekend away with the boys few hours later theres muntjac on the barbie just the look he gave me n the nod towards the barbie was enough without him adding i did`nt think that one through before i left home ... 

Yeah the Welsh boys made an entrance that year! Lol

Skinning the munty hung off the pub garden fence!! Lol

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