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  1. Out for three hours walked over nine miles and all I saw was sheep, skylarks, a red kite and a few horses
  2. I agree - love a beddy cross. Do it and reserve a bitch for me please lol
  3. Thank you, much appreciated. The litter is very pleasing to the eye to be honest as are the dogs above
  4. Just wondered if anyone has any experience with this cross as there's a litter local to me and i'm a little tempted. The lurchers i've had for the last 30 years or so have been small whippet based dogs for rabbits but as this is potentially my last lurcher i'm tempted to try something a bit bigger. To be honest i'm more of a countryman and environmentalist these days (getting old and soft lol) but fancy something that could potentially take something bigger than rabbits and squirrels. My main concern is the reputation of wheatons being aggressive to other dogs (don't know if that's justified?)
  5. Last year and the year before that we had loads of the b*****d things but this year definitely not as many about. Although to be fair my little beddy whippet has become quite adept at catching them so that might have something to do with it
  6. Cracking litter fair play - how they bred?
  7. I've got a 3/4 whippet 1/4 beddy who recently caught his first in a reed bed - he finished it off but it wasn't particularly quick or 'pretty'. Not something i'd want to see him do on a regular basis if I'm honest but he's well up for it and I know instantly when he picks up a scent as his whole body language and demeanor changes into 'seek and destroy mode.' Definitely goes up a gear from when he's on a rabbit or squirrel.
  8. Allright Ow, yeah, they were hit really hard by mixi but have slowly started to re-populate, used to get a few jet black one's off there years ago.
  9. A week to the day after receiving the awful news I decided to pay my own little tribute to my old buttie John - or 'gobby' as he was affectionately known to us by taking a walk out with the lurchers to the forestry and moors above our little village where we spent most of our childhood. In no time time at all those long forgotten memories came flooding back to me, like the time we miraculously found in pound note as we were literally in the middle of nowhere - we invested that wisely in pop and crisps when we got back home . Also, the time we saw a couple shagging in the forestry and crept up
  10. You two certainly took a fair few rabbits off that little bank, didn't leave much for the rest of us lol
  11. Having grown up with John he was a lifelong family friend, was best man at my Brothers wedding and a work colleague to myself for the last few years. As young kids our little gang spent god knows how many hours tramping the mountains after rabbits with just my little Jack Russell to keep us company. We caught virtually nothing but spent all day laughing and ripping the piss out of each other - is there a better way to spend your formative years? We also had some great drunken times playing rugby for the village where John was a little tasmanian devil of a hooker, we didn't half rip the piss ou
  12. welshphil


    Heard and then spotted my first one last Thursday morning
  13. Thank you Sir, he certainly was very well put together.
  14. Dam was a collie grey/beddy whippet type and Sire was a Laguna whippet. Long gone now but would have loved to have been able to clone him.
  15. Yes mate the bitch and the red dog were out of the same litter as yours. I couldn't have been more pleased with my pair as they did everything I wanted and a fair bit more! The bitch John kept back was as good a lamper as I've seen. Really glad yours did well for you too
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