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  1. Thank you Sir, he certainly was very well put together.
  2. Dam was a collie grey/beddy whippet type and Sire was a Laguna whippet. Long gone now but would have loved to have been able to clone him.
  3. Yes mate the bitch and the red dog were out of the same litter as yours. I couldn't have been more pleased with my pair as they did everything I wanted and a fair bit more! The bitch John kept back was as good a lamper as I've seen. Really glad yours did well for you too
  4. Let's just say that my pair have had an awful lot of practice on squirrels the last couple of years ......... #nobunnies
  5. I've got two Grandsons aged 5 and 3 and they stay overnight twice a week, they're boisterous little sods fair play but I wouldn't have it any other way! They both love the dogs and our Saturday afternoon stroll around the mountain with them is the highlight of all our week - dogs included . Having Grandkids is different gravy and i'm making the most of every precious second
  6. He's 21" and rough coated mate. The pics are not brilliant as they're off my phone...... Cheers Phil
  7. I'll be looking for a pup this time next year but certainly have no intention of paying silly, silly money for one. I'll be putting the word about the local boys in plenty of time to see who's planning on breeding in the hope of paying a realistic price. I've got a nice keen three quarter whippet quarter beddy dog here so if i can find someone who wants to use him over a suitable bitch that may be the way to go. I can't remember a time when there wasn't a dog in the house but with today's prices, extortionate vets costs etc a dog is fast becoming a luxury item which is a real shame in my
  8. Ahh, that's a real shame - hope Simba does the business for you. I'll watch his progress with interest
  9. Dug out a couple of pics of a couple of my old dogs - litter brother and sister with a fair chunk of beddy in them. Not particularly good quality pics as they were taken with a crappy old mobile.
  10. Fair play, what a cracking litter! I'd happily give a home to every dog in that litter - I think you should do a repeat mating next year so I can have one.......... Phil
  11. Absolute belter! Is it a dog or bitch and can I have him/her please?
  12. Jake is long gone unfortunately but was about 22.5". Ed is very much alive and kicking and is a really busy, robust little dog standing about 21.5" l do love a beddy cross fair play.
  13. Jake - Beddy/Grey/collie/whippet hybrid. Ed - Three quarter whippet/quarter beddy
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