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I had a phone this morning off johns partner, sadly John passed away last night just thought I’d let everyone who knew him know , I’m devastated 

R.I.P Johnny boy 

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Hi, I’m John neice, I’ve just had this link sent to me by someone that knew my uncle.which may I add( thank you soo much) . words can’t describe how we’re feeling right now, but all your lovely commen

Having grown up with John he was a lifelong family friend, was best man at my Brothers wedding and a work colleague to myself for the last few years. As young kids our little gang spent god knows how

Walshie,  Can you change the comp title on here mate .. From now on its the "JohnnyBoy charity Fishing match"....  

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RIP Johnny what a cruel world to leave young kids behind who loved their dad ... my heart goes out to them all. 

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FFS just seen this come up on my FB , 

So sad 

Sleep easy mate 

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Found Hearing this very upsetting this morning..my thoughts are with his wife and the little uns he lived for😔..rip Johnny boi,never forgotten butty..

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Never ever met the bloke but he came across as a very decent lad.

Terrible to hear.

My thoughts are with his Mrs & kids and all the lads that knew him 

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11 minutes ago, staffs riffraff said:

Bloody sad news that feel for his family mannn just seen on Facebook cruel world sometimes RIP jonnyboy

Strange, I've not seen anything on my newsfeed.

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