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Razor - RIP

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Hello All,   Had a short chat with Snoop earlier and unfortunately Razor left us last week.   This special dog was born on 4th Sept 2008.   Provided one man with 6 long h

R.I.P Razor lad,keep them busy on them there big pastures in the sky,run fast & run free ..I have a son of Razor who will be 9 years old this October,he's been a fair servant to me,the dog has no

I don't worry what other people think about my dogs . ( I used to ) but not anymore there's only one person who needs to be happy .  and if you ain't happy then you do something about it. ra

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13 minutes ago, SheepChaser said:

You are not the only person to say that . . . . 

I see the logic, but a nice bit of bull levels it out to within my abilities as a average dog man 🤣

Yes a feathered bull is what's needed up in this bitch 

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2 hours ago, Mr Wilkes said:

How does he compare temperament wise ect compared to the lurchers you usually keep ?.

He is very very chilled out and easy to have around. Very loyal and generally biddable. 

As a pup he was much more likely to sit and watch you than be hanging off your leg 😂 

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On 15/02/2021 at 20:32, goshawking719 said:

My razor bred stuff.


Veet.... the first pup to ever come from razor to my old benji bitch.  Agressive killer and could stick to them like glue. We put some miles in and ran some of the best land. Probably the best I'll ever own, unfortunately cancer got her at the end of her third season.

Maggie.... shes out of Jacobs troy ( razor x lamping bitza bitch)put back to his own daughter. A proper local all rounder, find game where you don't think there is any, kills a very high percentage on the lamp and would run through a brick wall for her quarry. Nothing flash but a nice handy animal to have around.


bic... hes razor x pure saluki -26.5" 55lb at 7 month old. Sings like madona, trips over his own feet and spends his life winding the other dogs up. On the other hand he's steady, stock broken, great recall and seems to have a bit of speed about him. See what next season brings. He's got big boots to fill





She was better than razor 

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Apart from Gosshawk I’ll of seen him run as much as anyone he was a honest dog , he was run on the worst land you could run, almost pure dolomite and never a bad toe, and he was a lump of a dog , as for producing I only seen two run out of him Adam’s veet and she was definitely better than her sir, which says a lot because the mother was no good lol sorry Adam twice a week for 6 seasons as did his sister Bell but bell is a different story altogether! 

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