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Razor - RIP

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Hello All,   Had a short chat with Snoop earlier and unfortunately Razor left us last week.   This special dog was born on 4th Sept 2008.   Provided one man with 6 long h

R.I.P Razor lad,keep them busy on them there big pastures in the sky,run fast & run free ..I have a son of Razor who will be 9 years old this October,he's been a fair servant to me,the dog has no

I don't worry what other people think about my dogs . ( I used to ) but not anymore there's only one person who needs to be happy .  and if you ain't happy then you do something about it. ra

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8 hours ago, goshawking719 said:

His sire was razor and his dam was a pure saluki out of John lennons stuff, she was litter sister to the sandman dog👍

Keep seeing "sister to the sandman" "brother to the sandman" etc.

Anybody any info on the sandman?

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13 hours ago, goshawking719 said:

Starting to fill out a bit now and look the part. 



nice that mate...you deffo kept the nicest one....

got rid of the horrible one one to sheep chaser ...lol

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3 minutes ago, TOMO said:

nice that mate...you deffo kept the nicest one....

got rid of the horrible one one to sheep chaser ...lol

They aren’t from the same litter 😂 

This one a son of, mine a grandson of. 

I couldn’t handle that much saluki, I’m an amateur 😂 


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