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Back up at the shoot

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34 minutes ago, FOXHUNTER said:

Seeing as it was a nice Spring morning I headed out for an armed ramble . The farm was very quiet with me only seeing 1 squizzer which I bagged. I ended up picking up spent cartridges again but seem to be nearly on top of them now ? Had a bit craic with the farmer as was watching a field of 200 corvids on the fresh spread muck on the field which will be drilled in a couple of weeks.  Should be good as plenty corvids about and a few woodies. 



Funny deer that, one side deer feet and the other side badger and pointing in opposite directions!! Inbreeding to much??

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Up at the shoot first thing this morning, bird scare tape up around the pens, elec fences on and tested, water on and drinkers tested and adjusted, water butts filled again over the piggeries, I had l

Well our first shoot of the year went well. It was cold but dry and a bit of sun appeared. Bag was 122 head comprising of 57 duck 56 pheasant 7 partridge and 2 pigeon. My own contribution wa

It’s been frosty the last couple of mornings, it’s very welcome , hopefully it will kill a few bugs . Unfortunately the Maize and cover crops don’t like it and they will soon be unviable as a drive .

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I decided to have a bit of a drive around one of my shoots this afternoon because I had a request for a hare. A woman asked me for a head shot hare as she is partial to them. I said I would see what I could do. I don’t normally like to shoot hares, I would much prefer to catch them with a dog but seeing as the fat arse politicians banned that little pleasure some time ago I don’t have much choice. Having said that, of all the lurchers I have had none of them could head shoot a hare.? There where quite a few crows about due no doubt to muck spreading. I managed to nail one that lingered a little bit too long. I also got the hare.



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1 hour ago, BenBhoy said:

How you finding it?

I haven’t used it a great deal yet but I do like it. It’s far more accurate than the cz I had before. It cycles smoothly and is just an all round pleasure to shoot.

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Well good news and bad news last night. Popped over to my mates place last night to sort out my .22 bolt , job done ?Then we popped out to a small plot near his to sort a fox out . Called the fox in within minutes , trotted in lovely , stopped it about 50 yds and my mate missed it with his C50 ? Went back to his place and watched it back on stream vision. The crosshairs were centre bib so very frustrating. He had problems zeroing it so well pi$$ed off. Needs to get back on paper to see where its shooting . 

Good news was got a farmers number to call last night to sort out a fox killing ducks and hens so going tomorrow night , told my mate though that  will have to take my rifle ????

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Preparation for next weeks time off, 15kg of carrots for the fallow ( 2 doe’s have just passed me on the track over the piggeries) 10 rabbits for baiting the hedge backs for fantastic mr fox and the last of the wheat for the birds, spring is definitely here, it’s perfect up here today, a light breeze and not a cloud in the sky ?


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