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My old lad getting on now

B+T dog started off well   

Some of the dogs bred down the line from many years

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2 minutes ago, dillydog said:

He won't show himself,  he's a strange one him, proud as punch, graft all day but put him in a ring and he hides behind my legs....tail up his are !

That’s the shit-zu in him dill 😂

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Got to love them small places , years ago a lad took me to a place that he said was great for young dogs . Every time he dug it it was no deeper than 3 foot . I turned young dog in and couldn’t even locate it with 15 ft box  luckily after awhile a fox bolted 

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I can

52 minutes ago, dillydog said:

His 5th dig was 5 hour plus, I put the picture up a couple of years ago,  this beauty wa's supposed to be a  quick easy place 



I can see the £ signs now new breed working chocolate Lakelands the next big craze lol hope he continues to work well for you

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Lakelands were outclassed (or outworked) by black dogs years ago. The black dogs were better, full stop!

Not that there wern't any decent grafting Lakies, there were and Glyn is dead right about Llangollen all those years ago.

The last digging Lakies i seen was 35 years ago. Dogs from Cyril Tyson, John Cowan and a couple off Middleton but not his show stuff.

A couple of dogs came to north Liverpool direct from Tyson and were dug to for years, the pups out of them also.

A mate of mine from Wigan had a bitch off Cowan and she was very good, though wreckless on foxes. She was put to a Tyson dog and i had a pup out of them. I was a kid and my pup seen a bit of everything and was dug to plenty over the years but his litter brother and sister were sound digging dogs.

Middleton did keep decent digging Lakies too, dogs out of old Jock. I've seen them graft and a mate of mine dug with Gary regular over the years and knew what those dogs could do.

But like i said Lakies, like the Border before, lost out to the black dogs and rightly so....

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A question for the more experienced lads,  I completely agree with what bosun says. That's one of the reasons why the Lakelands and borders have died out simply because the blacks are better. since I started properly with the terriers. Everything I have seen dug to has almost 100% been black, 

My question is why when you talk to the old boys people that have been doing the job for years they say the Lakelands was honest dogs.. so why did they seem to just give way to the blacks? 

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