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Working Dogs / House Dogs

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All of my best dogs have had their fair share of spending time indoors as well as in kennels.Terriers/Lurchers/bulldogs and pp dogs.I believe the more time you can spend with your dogs the the better

Out when I’m out and in when I’m in.......don’t care if they make my house stink, if you don’t like it don’t f****n come round

It makes NO DIFFERENCE  either way IMO,  if you don't like the smell of dogs or the hair and dust they create then by all means keep them in your yard. I alternate them in and out, I've got idiots her

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1 hour ago, fireman said:

 I keep mine where i feel,sometimes in the house,sometimes outside in kennels and runs.No real rule to any of it except it's utter b*ll*cks to say a sofa can ruin a dog..

Sensible attitude brother...:yes:

I work on a similar principle,... I like my dogs to be adaptable,..they are part of a team and need to fit into, any given situation. 

 Not all dogs will wear this type of Hippy lifestyle,..they just don't have the required temperament to handle loads of noise and crazy upheaval.

 Such sensitive animals probably feel much safer, if kenneled. 

In fact, if they are owned by a heavy-handed sort of man, the type of guy who cannot hold his temper, then the dogs are far better off, out of the way. 

I much prefer working dogs, to run free in the yard, by day and night,....they are then far more able to guard the property, without being helplessly penned in...

Obviously, performance dogs, serious foxing lurchers and ratting terriers, that stink of their work, are best off being scrubbed down, long before getting an invite to lie in front of the fire. You have to be sensible and remember, that not everyone is a hunting aficionado,..not everyone enjoys the pungent scent of a vulpine.😁

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I keep my dogs outside, except as pups or after a hard days work, I often shower them after a day digging and bed them down in the dining room with some warm grub, I'm sure the warmth and bit of tlc helps and speeds up recovery. Besides that they seem happy to be outside in their own kennels.

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Mine are kennelled out , if we are home the kennels are open and they have pretty much free run of house and garden, my misses is soft as shit iv come home and she on the sofa with 2 lurchers and 3 terriers lol I like them to be able to come in and be chilled helps when they’ve had a hard day they not like loony’s around the house because their not use to the house 


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It makes NO DIFFERENCE  either way IMO,  if you don't like the smell of dogs or the hair and dust they create then by all means keep them in your yard. I alternate them in and out, I've got idiots here that never turned queer because they were allowed in the house........some of you think to much.

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I’ve always had terriers kept in kennels outside and also terriers
kept in the house, the dogs outside very rarely come inside and the
ones kept indoors rarely are kennelled outside due to the obvious reasons all ready pointed out and there are benefits and reasons for both cases whether kept in the house or in kennels.
Two points I have noticed though are that the dogs kennelled outside have better coats and suffer less skin problems than the dogs kept indoors.
I put that down to the reason that they see less daylight and colder
temperatures during the winter months so their bodies naturally adjust by growing a dense winter coat and when the weather changes and the days get longer they then change on to their summer coats.
To me that seems logical as most mammals and birds follow that routine.
The dogs I keep in the house on the other hand even though their coats do go through a change it is never to the extent of the dogs kept outside, so keeping them in a heated house particularly with dry
central heating I believe may not benefit the dog but it will
certainly have its benefits for you.

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i keep all my workers outside! Unless they have had a hard days work i like to bring them into the utility room so i can keep a closer eye on them and i know there in some warmth!Also stop other dogs annoying them!i do kennel a 2 dogs together!but never after work!i like to bring the dogs in and around the house at different times to socialise with the family and also the house dogs!

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i keep one in the house constantly ......which can be a problem after a ''walk'' at times ..hes clean and quiet and no bother at all...over the years all our dogs were in the house for a period at some stage ...all worked very well in the countryside ...it makes not an iota of difference ...i believe if a dog fails in his work ..inside or outside would not have been the reason




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