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  1. Sign me up and ill bring the motley crew ? what seems to be the best method to introduce a pup?ive a pond here but its 5ft deep and no real shallow entry!just slowly dip in and let mother nature take course?
  2. Even here in ireland in all my time in the country i dont think ive ever seen a black rat!Not saying there not here its just brown seems to be the boys!
  3. WNTD Ferret find and collar View Advert Looking for a ferret finder and collars?2 preferably!New or used Delivery to ireland but cost will be covered obviously! Advertiser DigDeepIRL Date 06/07/18 Price Category Ferreting Equipment  
  4. I couldnt see any event being held over here without a session! If there was no session there wouldnt be a show ? You showing anything or just a day out?
  5. yeah i dont see myself being upset over the keyboard bashers ? ah handy not far so!do any hound hunting or just digging/lurcher? Cheers again all
  6. This may be discussed previous!i did try have a search and found nothing! Looking to see what opinions people have for bait for rats? Also live fox traps? I currently use sardines for the fox trap! Any real leftover food for the rat traps or else a sweet smelling horse feed! Someone told me peanut butter which i use for mouse traps and when i tried outside for rats i found that the bait was always gone and i trap never gone off!Field mice?
  7. i keep all my workers outside! Unless they have had a hard days work i like to bring them into the utility room so i can keep a closer eye on them and i know there in some warmth!Also stop other dogs annoying them!i do kennel a 2 dogs together!but never after work!i like to bring the dogs in and around the house at different times to socialise with the family and also the house dogs!
  8. Boil kettle,pop water into bowl with some fairy liquid!sit the bottom in it till all the dirt is softened!give it all a good clean!i used a rubber silicon spray on it that i use to stop door car rubbers from going dry and squeaky!
  9. do you know anyone working from there lines?where in a rough area are you? i found the book to be a good read!Good to see something written about irish terriermen!
  10. top man! Only way to deal with trespassers! I dont think i would of even allowed them to walk! I would of been making them run like forest gump!Glad that it hasn't come to that extremes yet in Ireland but i don't think they would have the balls to do that in the country here as it would happen once and never again!
  11. I know of a pack, which keep a goat,sheep and a deer in and around there kennels! They hunt in massively populated deer country!They literally just walk into forest where others wouldn't dream of and hunt! Never have an issue! I assume the hounds become so accustomed to the scent they don't recognize it with with hunting! I know keeping a deer around a pack isnt really achievable for most but its being done!
  12. I know Mr bluck is'nt on peoples list of heros but the book he wrote about The terriers and terriermen of Ireland, i am just coming to the end now and was wondering what people opinion of the book was? I think its great to see irish history being shared! Also is there anyone here using any dogs from the men mentioned in the book?
  13. i dont think they would be so upset with where we are with dogs! But i reckon there rolling in there graves with how laws have changed the sport! And also all the anti do gooders interfering!
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