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Bella she's a 5/8 3/8 who will be 12 months old next week,she's already bumped into a few odds & sods on our daily exercise wanders..she is 100% going to do what's asked of her if early indication

4th full season for this fella. Just does what he does. Been great to have him as a role model for young dog. Always keeps me happy this fella Atb Igz

Fawn dog...bull/grey x saluki/bull/grey....black bitch 1st x..

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On 12/03/2021 at 17:21, South hams hunter said:


Gyp - 5/8 3/8, joshes son which was gollys son. Never really given a fair crack by my ex BIL. IMG_20210312_170340.jpg.27e02703fe56408a2fa6d6921898399a.jpg

Rocky - 5/8 3/8. Was an absolute pleasure to own, could be trusted around any stock but took all game. Just a really good natured animal 


Chief - 3/4, son of rio. Daft as a brush IMG_20210312_170452.jpg.43c8874252696c01ac623a3f41360419.jpg

Tom - 3/8 bull, 3/8 grey and 2/8 whippet. Another pleasure to own but could be a head case one min or a puppy the next. IMG_20210312_170756.jpg.a4e35e93b221fa6761ed3d4dd96e1e1a.jpg

Rio - 3/8 5/8. Absolute f***ing headcase; didn't keep him long. Bought him off here, had him for about 6 months but not suited to the land down here 


Jess - 3/4 - hard as nails, fast as f**k but she ran like a baby giraffe. She never looked elegant at anything, just a head on bitch 

Did you get Rio off me

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21 minutes ago, Grunter123 said:

Who this …

did you get dog 

You'll a sold shh a dog that was kept threw summer and sold as season approached 😆 try not to out dogs to messers mate lol

Edited by mC HULL
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3 minutes ago, SheepChaser said:

Read the post, one of the dogs above is down as “son of Rio”

Shh gets a dog not suited for down there a complete headcase 😆  but breeds it anyway and ends up with a pup as daft as a brush 😆 


Shh your the one as daft as a brush 

All them mutts and not one keeper 😆 no wonder you haven't a dog now always have bad luck aye  😆 

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    • By Luckee legs
      Hi to all, so I've never owned a whippet before and have encountered an irritating habit that got worse in the last month of ferreting and was wondering if anyone out there has had success minimising noise during ferreting?
      So he runs prey silently, almost never barks at home so I was very happy going into his first winter, but.... when the ferret slot machine is not paying out fast enough for his liking he yips at the holes he senses are near the underground action. On top of that, if he runs a bolted rabbit to ground again he persistently barks at the hole while constantly looking at me as if to say "get them ferrets over here mate, I've got one for you"
      I've a very experienced collie lurcher who is a dream to ferret with but the whippet seems to make no reference to the good stuff he does. Any ideas on managing this?

    • By Oshea
      Evening all,
      I'm lucky enough to have first pick from a friends litter. He’s crossed his Saluki dog with his Collie Bull GH bitch. I’ve only seen videos of the litter as he’s based in UK. Few different characters in the litter, some sit reluctant off in the back ground others play among themselves two are incredibly forward one more than the other. 
      What key things do you look for when picking a litter? I’ve mostly ran mine on rabbits, reds and some others.
      Go stead,
    • By Deerhound Lurchers Lady
      Just got this stunning little bitch, nearly 12 months old, Deerhound x Bedie grey.
      I used to go out with my dad's Lurchers when I was a kid but I'm a female in my 30's now and struggling to get back into the swing of things.
      I'd love to have this girl knocking down bunnies but I just don't know where to start, I've barely seen a rabbit or and other quarry since I moved here.
      Any of you experts in my area fancy giving me some advice/practical experience (hunting related only) 

    • By dytkos
      Some of you may remember back in March 21 I had my bitch spayed and a lump removed from her teats.
      Another lump has formed and after having a biopsy the result is that it's deffo cancer. 😢 
      Vet says we're looking at about a grand to treat/remove it with no guarantee of success.
      She will be 12 in about 6 weeks.
      I'm monitoring the size and if it's growing quickly it's gonna be a PTS scenario but I'm of the mind to see how she goes over the summer and let her get some sun on her back and then PTS, obviously if she's feeling it I'll do the deed sooner.
      f***ing dogs eh?
      Cheers, D.

    • By Luckee legs
      I stopped over at mums and seeing some nostalgia posts appearing in the forum thought I'd take a few pics of photos she has of collie lurchers I had in late 70s and 80s. I am indebted to her for helping me out on those occasions when work or landlords meant I couldn't keep dogs from time to time. She had a soft spot for lurchers and always had a rescue or 2 as well.
      I still have a first cross collie and they rate each other. He remembers where she stashes old dog toys and leads her on a tour of the house to collect them up each visit. Sadly at 91 and with Alzheimer's she can no longer have a dog, nice to see when I took along my whippet pup they bonded straight away 😀 

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