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Sleaze Bags.

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He wouldent get the babysitting job at my house

Had a good think about this and there's one bloke who gets on my tits and always seems to be hiding something Cliff Richard.

I'm a thick c**t really haha...when i found out about my oldest lad being autistic back in 2015 i went to all the groups and read shit loads of info about autism...anything i could find i read, just s

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Not that well known but a sleezbag all the same.http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-17871869


Fkn scum, hope he gets a nice boyfriend

He has done his time and was appealing for his SGC back a few week ago with the support of the labour police commishiner for Nottingham according to reports in the press.
Fkn unbelievable, they tried to take mine in 85 just for a little assault charge against one of them, but failed on a technicality
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John Wayne

John Wayne ?? ....no I can't have that mate , how about swapping Wayne for Hilary & Bill Clinton ? Sort of 2 for 1 swap ?

Ok I'll go for that. John Wayne one of my favorite actors and a good family man.

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Andy Burnham. Any other ex MP who then gets elected to be a mayor or police commissioner or other public servant. Stop sponging off the tax payers and get a proper job

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Jason manford didnt he expose himself on webcam to a young girl?


You mean the 22-year-old stripper who was on a £1.40 a minute sex line? She went straight to the press so she knew where the next cheque was coming from! :thumbs:


Sexting and sending pics to quite a few women but none of them underage...youngest was 22 i just read. He is a bit of a sleaze though


Beat me to it! :laugh:

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