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  1. Whippet x border Lakeland back to whippet,he’s been on before on a similar thread,catches rabbits well enough, any cover, but a b*****d with strange dogs.
  2. Two litter brothers, both pedigree.racers and workers with loads of prey drive,biggest one gone now ,wish I still had him but got a lurcher of him.
  3. Believe it or not, I will be more than likely jumped on , but this Italian stops plenty rabbits, it had plenty of drive ,it’s crazy when it gets a scent but the same as last time this topic arose ,the conversation for me is over, I only put the pictures on cos some one asked what a bedlington x Italian looked like, I know what the dog is capable of and no he wasn’t bought as a working dog, he belongs to my wife but wanted to come out with the other dogs with me, he followed the cocker spaniel as it was bushing and soon picked up following him that something would be flushed.I have run dogs si
  4. Sorry for your loss mate, it’s not very nice,lost my cocker a few weeks ago, best dog I’ve had, he had a good innings though lasted till he was 13.
  5. Border/ Lakeland x whippet back to pure whippet.the biggest one in the second picture is the father to the terrier x whippet.
  6. Same Italian greyhound father to a beddy /whippet.
  7. Why would you say that, I have said twice no litters
  8. First cross Italian greyhound x bedlington, plenty drive in them ,the one in the tree is after squirrels, it gets up and down the tree by itself, all pups from this mating have made decent little mooching dogs.
  9. samurai


    Fine looking animal,proper stamp.
  10. Should have been beheaded never mind knighted??
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