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  1. Excellent footage,great to watch, thanks for sharing.
  2. Nice looking animal fit as f##@
  3. ‘Whirrer’3/4 whippet x border/Lakeland.
  4. Some good footage there mate, really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing.
  5. When I was younger and was beating on the local estate 40 or 50 year ago, lLord Lambton has a whippet with 3 legs, I don’t know who trained obviously some one big in the gundog game but it used to put most of the gundog to shame.
  6. Dual purpose greyhounds, late 1940s-50s these were my wife’s grandparents.
  7. No sorry none of his mother, I have pic of his brother though, this is the brother, with the brother to my ped whippet
  8. Yes he has enough speed for daytime rabbits but he is quite hard mouthed, the first cross which is the mother to him catches quite a few to be fair although she normally runs with her litter sister as a pair, my daughter has the litter brother to the one in the picture but he is longer than mine and about 1 inch taller so he is a bit quicker than mine, but just mooching now so fits the job fine.
  9. I posted mine before border Lakeland xwhippet, back to my ped whippet, handy little dog,17 -18 inch TTS
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